Italian Apple site [Translation] noted process was the same as creating ringtones.
I'm not sure if they removed this in iOS5, but on my 4 I can goto my contacts, edit and assign a specifc txt tone as well as ringtone to them. Now rename your SMS ringtone file to sms-received6.caf as well, the file that you want to transfer to iPhone as SMS ringtone.

While Apple has offered ringtones for some time, the selection of alert sounds on iOS devices used to be dire. Users have long been able to purchase and create custom ringtones, but the ability to customize text tones is new.
Select "Delete" and then click "Remove" to remove the song from the iTunes Library -- but then select "Keep File" so the actual ringtone doesn't get deleted.

As in after I reset my phone, I preview my ringtone and it’s still the same, no changes in anything and the original sms tone is still there.

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