This may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised how uncommon common sense is nowadays. The Virgo man comes with certain conditions that you need to be careful of or else you might not attract him and at worst you could even drive him away. Even if you are successful in attracting a Virgo man, if you make a mistake of misreading some key signals or ignoring the themes listed below, you might find yourself in a bad relationship or walking away with a heartache. If there is anything that would describe a Virgo man completely is that they have a focus on perfectionism. A Virgo man pays a special premium for emotional authenticity, so you don’t have to wear your heart on your sleeves. As much as the typical Virgo man likes to think that he is emotionally deep or in touch with his inner core reality, the reality is that he is a typical man. So if you want to attract a Virgo man, you cannot dispense with the time, effort and emotional energy necessary to look good. Virgo men are looking for emotional immediacy and authenticity and they really are heat seeking missiles when it comes to confidence so take pride in your appearance. If you  can understand this you are close to understanding one of the most important Virgo traits. Don’t think that by keeping these away from him, from the Virgo man that you have to attract that he would like you more.
They’re comfortable with their own skin, in other words, they know how things are laid out and they know how things are. Virgo men are all about emotional authenticity and ideals and as a result, if you show your support in emotional terms, they are sure to reciprocate. Not only would they reciprocate, but they would start getting emotionally deeper with you because this is part of how you connect with them.

When you’re dealing with a Virgo man, if there is some whiff of deception, hypocrisy or betrayal, all bets are off. If you've succeeded in creating a strong, loving connection with your Virgo, the two of you may be ready to go to the next plateau in your relationship.
Make sure everything is perfect before your Virgo arrives, and you'll be that much closer to a romantic encounter.
Once the two of you snuggle in together, your best chance of making him begin to feel passionate is through loving touches. It would be laughable if it weren’t for the fact there are real emotional fallouts for the people that love these Virgos. To put him in the mood, you need to make him feel secure, loved, and wanted, but this isn't a guy you pounce on the minute he walks through the door. You want to show him how much you appreciate him, and he's frank enough with himself to know if he really deserves the praise. Virgo men like grace in their partner, a woman who carries herself well and that is up to the standards of Virgo men. Start listening when he talks, as Virgo men have lot to talk about, and usually what they tell you is important. In this special report I will give you my top five tips you can use to get the romantic attention of the Virgo man in 2014.
If you are trying to attract a Virgo man in 2014, you have to be attractive in the way that Virgo defines attractiveness. However, be mindful that the Virgo man that you want to attract is trying to read you emotionally. You're simply trying to create a loving atmosphere that lets him know how deeply you care about him and encourages him to unleash his passions.

If you're interested in getting together with a Virgo guy, you'll have to accommodate him; for example, you might want to meet his family, or try boosting his confidence.
Virgos are flirty, but once they're in a relationship, they're committed and faithful to their partner. However, many people that really know Virgo sometimes say that Virgo’s are in a state of denial or that they are trying to basically be drama queens or kings. You have to remember, when you attract a Virgo man, the Virgo man has this ideal picture of you.
Deep and meaningful relationships between Virgo and Leo tend to work very well for this very reason. Virgo men usually like to be in charge when things get serious, so just try to let him know you love him and you're open to what he hopefully has in mind. Virgo men aren't attracted to girls that are dumb and ditzy and would prefer women that are intelligent.
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What’s attractive to somebody else might not be attractive to another person and especially not to a man born under Virgo. Since you’re dealing with a person that tends to look at things in black and white, you have to either be wearing a black hat or white hat, this is no time to whip out a grey hat or a blue hat, you have to be clear if you want to succeed in attracting your Virgo man.

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