On Friday, Ireland is being asked to vote on a proposal to introduce civil same-sex marriage.
As we take balance seriously, we thought we’d take some time to recap some of the most convincing arguments to vote no to same-sex marriage from Ireland and around the world.
Key opponents of equal marriage have warned that if equal marriage becomes law everywhere, Burger King will introduce a permanent gay pride burger and refuse to sell anything else.

Lawyer Gene Schaerr, who failed to defend a ban on same-sex marriages in the US state of Utah, has warned that same-sex weddings would be to blame for 900,000 abortions. Catholic Bishop of Elphin Kevin Doran explained that gay couples can just break up and marry people who marry people of the opposite sex. The Catholic church is very very concerned about the potential impacts of same-sex marriage (aside from the basic rights it gives to gay couples, of course).

Pastor James David Manning of ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem, New York, has an interesting theory for why the world has become so accepting of gays.

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