Some women attract men by the dozen while others are left wondering what others have that they don’t. Keep in mind that men are first attracted by the package so make sure that you’re always at your best. The package may be the first thing that gets the guy’s attention, but it’s what is inside that keeps him interested.
This doesn’t mean following the unwritten rules of womanhood like letting him call three times before picking up. Pheromones are secreted chemical factor that are supposedly used to attract another person.

Keep in mind that if a male asks you to completely change your characters – he’s not worth it. I mean, they lure guys so easily and it even seem like they are not exerting any effort at all!
Each one feels attraction to specific female characteristics and by knowing what those are; you are in a better position to enter the dating scene.
Women who think independently are often called “feisty” and this is another turn-on for many men. Doesn’t start grabbing anything though – let him make the first move in physical situations during the “getting to know” stage.

Your laugh, smooth skin and smell count as well so don’t be stingy with your smile and show a little skin. It’s not necessary for you to be verbal about your interest – learn how to subtly show it through body language and he’ll pick up the rest.

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