If you are unwilling to humble yourself, recognize your faults or accept a mate as he is, you will not be ultimately satisfied. Your friends and family constantly remind you of how great you are, and frequently assure you that someday you'll find "the one." But after several weeks, months or even years on the dating scene, you just can't seem to find a man who meets your standards. You'll probably be tempted to disagree with someone's opinion of you, but try to put yourself in that person's shoes and attempt to familiarize yourself with other people's realities. Be aware of red flags or warning signs, but do not react solely on the insecurities of your own past experience.

In your initial conversation, you should ask his relationship status, job and living situation and whether he has children.
Don't ramble on inappropriately, as if your good looks will make up for diarrhea of the mouth. Make sure the problem doesn't stem from previous disappointments seeping back into your psyche. You shouldn't have to dim your light to satisfy a man, but do keep life in perspective and understand that a relationship is about balancing give and take and ultimately deciding to accept a mate as they are.

Challenge yourself by writing down the less desirable aspects of your personality, behavior, habits, etc. This will help you gain better perspective on how you should perceive the world and how potential mates are really perceiving you.

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