Manchester hit the headlines today for all the wrong reasons – 2,000 jobs to be cut from Manchester City Council. Perhaps you’ve seen Tamer Koheil, director of the newly formed Manchester-based New Hampshire Job Corps Center, making the rounds lately. Koheil has hired about 10 staffers from Manchester and surrounding areas, with the goal of 130 staffers when the school accepts students this October. The Shriver Job Corps Center ranked fifth out of 125 centers nationwide during its first six months.

Koheil is looking to hire mission counselors to develop a Community Relations Council, which will provide updates on the center, trades and ask for help from employers, to get students internships or employment at the end of the program. After the preparation period, students enter the career transition period, where they are placed in a job within their trade for a four-week internship.
The Department of Labor expects 90 percent of students to be placed in a job upon completion of the program, 75 percent within a career that matches their trade. He said he received students from Nashua and Manchester there who asked about when New Hampshire would build a job corps center.

New England Job Corps Outreach, Admissions and Placement, operated by CHP International, will recruit in the seven other counties. If they fail the first time, they are given another 30 to 45 days to clean up, with help from on-site counselors.

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