The tutorials we saw showed planting the celery directly into the dirt outside — you may want to go this route if you live in a temperate area or want to be able to harvest outdoors. Update 1: After a few more weeks of growing time in our sunny window, our celery has continued to thrive. Find the full 3-4 week update with even more pics and details on the progress in this post.

At this stage, we've been actually been able to cut off stalks as needed in recipes and the celery continues to regenerate leafy stalks from the center of the plant. As usual — we'll be sure to keep you posted on the progress of our container celery and hope you'll let us know if you decide to try it out for yourself!
We went with an indoor planter since it's still pretty cold here in VA, we have limited outdoor space in the city, and the space we do have is currently unprotected from our curious puppy.

We simply cleaned it out well, then punctured holes along the base to create drainage for the plant.

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