If you think posting a photo of yourself with a tiger makes you look like a world traveller who loves a little danger and will get you interest on a dating website, guess again. Profile photos with tigers have become so common on dating sites, including the hook-up app Tinder, that they barely get noticed anymore.
For many people, an inevitable part of moving to a new country for immersion language learning entails dating the locals. If you are (one of the relatively few) western women living in Taiwan, and you fancy dating the local men, there are a few helpful things to know. While it’s impossible to account for all the variation and differences among Taiwanese men, there are persistent cultural trends, attitudes and expectations that are good to be aware of. I’ve complied this list based on my observations, conversations, and personal experiences. If a Taiwanese guy is interested in you, he will text you frequently, give you small gifts, and invite you to spend time alone together.¬†Additionally, he may offer to pay for activities and meals you share together. Taiwanese guys tend to, on average, have fewer girlfriends and sexual partners than their western counterparts. Family is important to Taiwanese guys, and they will often consider the wishes of their parents when choosing a partner.

Interesting, this behavior (including the family part) seems to be similar to how dating goes here in my country.
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Why Taiwanese guys behave the way they do is in large part the result of cultural influence. I think western guys also want long term relationships, and most end up getting married as well.
1.I believe most of guys in the whole world definitely would like to have seasonal romances.
She and a friend were looking at profiles on Tinder and starting noticing a lot of pictures of potential dates with tigers. This is partly due to cultural modesty, saving face, respect, and a culture of the gentlemanly treatment of women. Cheeky, rebellious, or sexually flamboyant women are more likely favored by western men and not so much by their Taiwanese counterparts.

Taiwanese guys, in general, are more interested in a lasting, committed sexual relationship than a notches in their bedposts, one night stands or causal sexual affairs. This impacts who they date as well, since dating is frequently a road that leads to marriage.
But western guys, in my opinion, are more apt to date women regardless of her compatibility as a future wife, whereas I think Taiwanese guys factor this more seriously into dating. Taiwanese guys will not show interest like American guys by checking you out and hitting on you. And just saying, there are significant differences between Taiwanese guys and Taiwanese guys who like and dare to date westerners.

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