When you think of cool Modern Asian it-restaurants in Melbourne’s CBD the image that comes to mind first has to be a long and angry queue of people waiting outside.
This time next week Melbourne will be hosting its first Night Noodle Markets on the banks of the Yarra River.
With so many awesome Melbourne restaurants and bars at your fingertips, you’d think choosing first-date venues would be a snap! Laid-back and mellow, if you’re feeling confident about your first-date swing by Melbourne CBD cocktail bar, 1806. A little local hotspot, this is the ideal bar pick if you want to keep things casual and light.
If New York is a city of love, Kid Boston has got to be your best bet in little ol’ Melbourne. Stroll to the end of this iconic pier to enjoy a delicious ice-cream or hot chocolate, for an extra treat add in marshmallows and you could have a winning date formula. The kiosk at the end of the pier was first build in 1904.  It has been transformed over the years and rebuilt after a fire in 2003. Instead of the traditional  ‘meet for a drink’,  wine tasting is an interactive alternative giving you and your date the opportunity to  learn about new wines as you taste a variety of vintages from around the world.  ‘The Tasting Table’ offers free tasting and evening events that only cost a tenner!
Though it has had its challenges in the initial stages of opening, the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel is now a permanent Melbourne landmark. It’s a no pressure date, that is easy for you to get to know each other in a comfortable environment. Granted I’ve been on a little hiatus recently and although I’ve been on some really cool dates, I just haven’t put pen to paper.
You want to go and check out the ‘it’ restaurant or cafe in town and impress the pants (pun intended) off your date.

Timing is the key, and here at The Urban List HQ we reckon post-work drinks fit the first-date bill.
So without further ado, here are the best bars in Melbourne for your next first date Listers! Margaritas and all things tequila or mescal related are the order of the night, and really when you put together honest Mexican street-food and lots (and lots) of cocktails, nothing will stop this ultimate first-date.
Don’t be too anxious, with some of the most unique cocktails in Melbourne, the conversation practically writes itself! With two massive bar spaces plus an attractive, flora-filled outdoor area, you and your date will be spoilt for choice. Check out the Aquarium’s experiences and activities that you can share with your date: from fish feeding, the Penguin Passport tour (Happy Feet dance moves optional) or getting up close and personal with the crocs.
An array of exhibitions (it’s the home to Ned Kelly’s stuff) and a beautiful garden setting make for a great first date with a variety of options on how you spend your time. The Skydeck offers views for as far as the clouds will allow the eye to see (this is Melbourne after all). Parked at the docklands, this enclosed spinning wheel provides you with some of the most spectacular views over Melbourne.
10 holes of mini golf as you and your date glow in the dark.  A little quirky, a little different, a lot of fun! Make yours fun, make it memorable—you just don’t know where life will take you afterward.  Everyone loves a bit of effort and these are sure to be impressive without being over the top.
First dates are a peculiar, precarious beast, so don’t underestimate the advantage of some thoughtful consideration. With an entire page just for martinis and another two for gin-inspired cocktails, you could very well have a solo date at Gin Palace with some of the finest cocktails in Melbourne.

You can even regurgitate wine knowledge from the helpful City Wine staff to impress your date.
Order a jug to share, or individual drinks if you’re not the first-date-sharing kind of person. Don’t worry about those pesky first-date jitters, the Gerald Bar staff here are more than happy to have a chat but know when to leave lovebirds alone. Easily worth the effort, start at the stretched marble bar bench and prop yourself and your date up. A multi-storey venue, St Hotel is a playful, contemporary bar that will no doubt pique your date’s interest.
Who needs an Eiffel Tower when we have a Eureka!  While you’re there, you must experience The Edge, it’s like nothing in the world—a glass cube that sends you three meters out from the side of the building leaving you and your date dangling (well not quiet) 300 metres above the ground. In winter, an ideal spot would be a venue with an open fire or a cosy feel (think chesterfield lounges).  Bar stools that allow you to sit side by side instead of across a table let you go in for the casual, familiar touch on the arm or back (an occasional touch on the back is an absolute winner).
One of the best boutique wine sellers in Melbourne, there’ll be enough customers coming in and out to keep things light, or you can move to an outside table for a quieter spot.
If the date didn’t turn out like your tinder conversations, grab one of the best bottles of red in Melbourne and head home a happy chappie.

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