In some cases people can be great friends and they have awesome qualities, but they aren’t cutout to be in a relationship.
Being friends with an ex solely relays on the fact of who you are as individuals and where you are in life.
The dating department is a complicated one and all these unwritten rules of dating an ex can sometimes get overwhelming when all you really follow is your heart. This week we hear from John of Sacramento, California who has been dating his best friend’s ex-girlfriend for five months and the couple are now getting tired of sneaking around. First of all, it definitely is not a great thing that you have been dating your girlfriend for 5 months now and have not told your best friend yet. What you need to do, is to think critically about why you did not tell him in the beginning, and why this situation is different perhaps than a similar one- say, one where you date your best friend’s ex-girlfriend too soon after they break up and he is still in love with her, or you are the person who your best friend ex-girlfriend is cheating on him with. You want to be so close to this person that you resort to being friends just to keep in contact with them.

There are no actual rules when dating someone, but there is that one unwritten rule that can often lead to an ugly love triangle or an altercation with your best friend. The reason that this is different is that some time has passed since your best friend’s relationship with her so it should be well over with, and that you knew the ex-girlfriend (your current girlfriend) first, and had a friendship there that was healthy and in fact always had some potential. You said it best yourself when you said that this girl isn’t the kind you want to hide, so the only real solution left is to tell your best friend. Like Kelly said, make it clear that you wanted to establish the relationship with this girl first, make sure it was something you really wanted, then figure out how to tell your friend without hurting his feelings. In the other hand if your relationship ended on an unhappy note being friends may not be in your near future. It can damage a friendship and hurt those involved greatly, yet if done with honesty, clear communication, respect and understanding, you can get over that hurdle and pursue that someone who just might be perfect for you. For one, it’s vital to communicate with your best friend about your interests in the ex.

If you tell him in and open and honest way and, like Kelly said, make it clear that you were afraid of hurting him more than anything, then you two can begin figuring out what it means for your friendship.
I hope all goes well with you, I know this is not an easy situation, but if he is a true friend to you, he will eventually want to work things out when you’re honest with him. A lot of insiders were confused Best Friend Dating Ex Husband Quotes in reference to ex boyfriend gets a new girlfriend quotes. This is essential in sustaining your friendship by keeping continuous trust and honesty between you two. If you truly believe the ex is the one for you, explain to your best friend how you feel because true friends always put your happiness before their own.

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