This started out like a multiple choice math test where you try to exclude the obviously wrong answers and then you're left with no possible answers. Eventually, someone who likes you is going to say something flirty, like commenting that you look hot, or that your whatever looks cute, or something. If you're just friends, the guy will have no problem with you two going your separate ways; if he's really into you, his brain will be like "NO, ACHIEVE EXTRA SECONDS OF CLOSENESS" and propel his mannequin legs to follow you directly to the doorway of your next class.
The shorthand for this is "acting different around you."  Most dudes who genuinely like you are going to be at least slightly nervous around you, or maybe just very attentive, but either way they won't treat you like just some dude. But the impression I get is that this dude was trying to politely dodge the dating question, and not necessarily because of anything to do with you (maybe he doesn't want to date right now, maybe he's gay, maybe he has something else entirely going on in his life). At first, I thought he liked me, because he does several of the things you said are signs of interest. When a dude is like "Check out this song I wrote" or "Look at how many alligators I can punch at the same time," he only learned to play guitar or punch alligators in the first place so that girls would make out with him. You can try to gauge where he stands with some of the stuff I listed above, but a guy who's interested in you romantically should eventually become at least a little more overt about it. You like the way he smirks when something is pretty funny, and the way he turns red when he’s complimented. And before this year, I'd never talked to him in my life, so it's not like we're super good friends. All my friends have noticed his behavior, and swear that he likes me, but it's been months and he hasn't asked me out, or for my number or anything.
My point is that nobody honestly thinks of dating as "basically the same as friendship," and if he genuinely does, that doesn't make him sound super interested in you. We've even talked about relationships before, and he said he's single because he's an a**hole, and that dating isn't that much different than friendship anyways, it's just hanging out with someone that you think is the most awesome person ever (but he wasn't averse to relationships themselves, if you were going to say that). He Changes The Way He ActsWhen hanging out with a group of friends, he doesn’t act like he would if he were with them alone. As if he’s trying to impress you, he may be more polite and more attentive to you over them. You could throw a banana peel in the way of an old lady with a walker, causing her to trip and fall, and then point and laugh at her and he will likely join in.

One of the most obvious signs that he likes you is the fact that he can’t go a full day without talking to you.
He Hangs Out With Your FriendsEveryone has that annoying friend, and nine times out of ten, it happens to be your best friend. Even if that annoying friend is a guy who happens to be madly in love with you and you don’t feel that way. This guy may just be nice enough to have bro time with your friend, just to show how much he cares for you.14. He opens the door for you, writes you little notes, helps you with your bags, defends you to people bugging you, and does all the little things we wish most men would do. It’s like he has no care in the world on being late or missing something, so long as he has you.
And lingers for an undetermined amount of time to smell your hair like those creepy guys in the stalker movies.18. It’s a way for him to play it cool and act like he doesn’t care when in fact, he’d bend over backwards to impress you.19. He doesn’t say it like that, (because that would be creepy) but he adds you to Facebook, gets your home and cell numbers, and just for extra measures, installs a GPS on your car. You should definitely see where it goes.Long story short, if the guy you like happens to exhibit any of these signs, he’s more than likely into you for more than just friendship. He also seems to have become more likely to keep our conversations going, even when I feel like there’s nothing left to say and seems unusually excited whenever we find something new that we have in common.
It gets a little more confusing for me because on of my best friends is his ex-girlfriend from years ago and they get along fine so when the three of us hang out and he has no problem talking to her, maintaining eye contact, and smiling at her, I don’t know if it is because he just likes her. There is a possibility that he likes you as more than a friend, though it is always possible that he is trying to get close to you to be around his ex-girlfriend. The aspect of the ex-girlfriend seems a little worrisome though, because it makes it more likely that he views you as a close friend and still likes her. Although it seems likely that he is still interested in you, I would probably hold off on deciding anything for sure until you have more insight. Last year when we weren’t very close, he stole my number from a friend and sent me funny pickup lines, but then again, he did that to some other girls.

This year since I don’t have a lot of classes with my girl friends, I had to make do with him, and we started hanging out together more.
It’s a rare occurrence for me to dress nicely or do my hair, but when I do, not even my close friends point it out or notice, only he does. Sending you pickup lines, noticing how you look and hanging out together all of the time makes it seem like he is interested in you. There is an excellent chance that he has just avoided asking you out because he does not want to ruin your friendship.
You could remain friends with him and see if he ever asks you out, you could try asking him out (although this could risk your friendship, so be careful) or you could just ask him who he likes. The fact that he does not talk all the time makes it even more likely that he is interested (at least, in light of his other behaviors).
It sounds like he was trying to let you down easily and let you know that he really values you as a friend. This could always change in the future, but for the moment, it seems like he was not interested. At least, you had the courage to tell him your feelings so that you know now that you would be wasting your time trying to get him to like you. Perhaps, he finally got a taste of what being around an intelligent, interesting woman is like when he met up with you.
You could go ahead and tell him that you would like to date him or that you would like to have him as more than a friend. If you want to be with him, then go for it!Reply Lauren July 30, 2015 at 7:36 pmOh, and in high school, I told him I liked him.

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