In previous post I have told you about how to choose best keywords for your dating website, powered by SkaDate Dating Script, in order to make it ranked higher in search engines.
Today I want to share with you some keyword research tools: they will give you more ideas for choosing new keywords based on statistics and facts. The last suggestion is – use only those keywords that correspond with your website’s content. When you finish all the steps mentioned above, the keyword choosing process will be finished, but this is just the beginning. We covered only one-side of the whole keyword choosing strategy, which is based on your vision and expectations. Using both strategies at the same time, you will have a more or less detailed picture of what traffic result to anticipate from the keywords chosen by you.

This tool was originally developed for Google Adwords users, but you still can use it in order to get a free list of keywords appropriate for the concept of your site with estimation of search volumes.
Let say, you can check a keyword popularity and view a preliminary report on maximum expected traffic for various search engines.
They will help you to examine the keyword cloud, which depicts keywords used on your website: main keywords should appear in larger fonts. Your server log files store the information on the words, visitors use to find your site via search engines. Some site administrators just insert the most popular keywords and it causes two serious problems – non-targeted traffic and even ban by search engines.
Next week, we will publish further tips on site content optimization, search engine indexation and more in SkaDate Dating Software blog.

It’s critical to have the correct keyword density, which should be about 5-10%, in order to rank well in search engines.
It is useful for you to figure the main keywords and key phrases out and probably it will also inspire you for new ideas. Don’t copy it since you may be penalized for this, just compare and think of how you can implement your keyword strategy even better.

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