Societal structures and gender norms mean by and large, the commitment-phobia stereotype is mainly lobbed at males, and for good reason.
Most people tend to be in relative frequent contact with their other half — but a commitment-phobe tends to exhibit periods of inaccessibility that can read to the otherwise-adjusted as disinterest, or even a precursor to a breakup. A real commitment-phobe tends to be wary of a bad match, and duly frightened of being dumped cold. Either way, this is an issue with a commitment-phobic partner, and one which can be tricky to address.
Control is a scary prospect for any relationship, where giving up some of your self-centered desires is necessary to maintain harmony — and commitment-phobic partners fear losing control over their lives.

1.) Their issues with love and commitment existed well before you, and are no reflection on whether or not they truly care for you at the start. Listen, I hate to break it to you, but if you act like the commitment-phobic dater when it comes to your business, you’re going to be riding down a very rocky road. Not all commitment-phobic biz women will show all of these signs simultaneously, but most will show a significant number of them. Women who wish to have a family often have stricter timetables for finding a suitable mate, and realizing you’re dating a commitment-phobe who may never be ready to settle down can be more than frightening. If you’ve been dating a commitment-phobe for long enough to have a disagreement, chances are you know them pretty well.

A lot of standard advice involves pressure, ultimatums, and hard-line stances — the exact opposite way to effectively deal with a commitment-phobe. Commitment-phobes very often fear loss of control, and ceding this minor thing initially will indicate your ability to accept their hesitance.

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