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Never in the history of the world have I heard a Head of State so clearly saying to a part of the population of his country You are a problem. You see, president, we have known for a long time that you are not a very clever man (how’s that for an understatement?!), but to show such clear evidence of your lack of understanding even the most basic knowledge of our history is a blemish on this country.
In fact, mr Zuma, everything that you set your eyes on, was created by that civilisation which Jan van Riebeeck and the descendants of his people brought to this country. As applies to where the problem started: The problem started when the weaker and more cowardly African tribes starting running for their lives in the region around the great lakes of Malawi and fled southwards ahead of the Berbers. As far as they went they murdered and raped and pillaged and stole the land from the rightful owners, the Khoi people.
And the problem started when your ANC decided it wanted to adopt Western concepts like democracy, government, multiculturalism. Mr Zuma, a palace bigger than that of the former Czar of Russia, a fleet of BMW’s, the vote of the majority of non-reasoning people and a KFC meal and a Samsung with enough airtime is not sufficient. 3) Zuma ended off his speech with another statement: “We, the black nation, are crying for our land which was taken by the white people.” Kissing up to Julius Malema now or what?
You labour under the misunderstanding that we are going to hand it all to you on a silver platter because we feel guilty.
You see, the one thing that you keep trying (and like a fool doesn’t realise that it is not working) is to blame “apartheid” and the injustices of the past and then offering the white man your forgiveness. The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) today in Parliament objected to the Freedom Front Plus’ motion without notice on the passing away of Prof.
Oor Afrikaans as onderrigtaal by die Universiteit van Stellenbosch en by Elsenburg landboukollege was daar die afgelope tyd ernstige beswaar. A visit to the Nkandla compound today, confirmed that various disturbing questions about the whole Nkandla development has to be answered urgently, Dr.
The SA Post Office will apparently rather go under as a result of affirmative action than to appoint competent people to management positions, Adv. The FF Plus will today be reading and presenting two submissions on farm murders and the official discriminating against Afrikaans, to the general council of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation (UNPO) in Brussels, Belgium. Compared to international norms, farm murders in South Africa can justifiably be viewed as genocide and the United Nations’ Human Rights Commission should now force the ANC government to take urgent steps to put a stop to it. Die uitspraak van die hooggeregshof vanoggend oor die Al-Basjir-krisis verteenwoordig ? nuwe laagtepunt in die verhouding tussen die president as uitvoerende gesag en die howe as regsprekende gesag. Eskom, which is now asking government for a R23 billion bailout is like Marie Antoinette who did not realise that her country’s people were struggling and said that they had to eat cake while they were begging for bread, Dr. Zelda sparks race row with zuma tweets, She changed her name on her twitter profile, calling herself zelda van riebeeck. Steve hofmeyr in heated twitter war, The twitter war of words between musician steve hofmeyr and zelda la grange rages on.

Zelda sparks race row with zuma tweets - She changed her name on her twitter profile, calling herself zelda van riebeeck.
Steve hofmeyr in heated twitter war - The twitter war of words between musician steve hofmeyr and zelda la grange rages on.
Mandela pa causes twitter stir - Former sa president and global icon nelson mandela's private secretary zelda la grange caused a racially-charged uproar on twitter this weekend following although the online debate and commentary continued well into sunday morning.. Mandela's former aide sparks south africa race row - La grange, raised as a conservative member of the afrikaner group descended from dutch settlers,became something of a poster girl for mandela's famous policy of racial reconciliation.
SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. SOCCERTODAY – Stoke came from behind to beat Swansea 2-1 at the Britannia Stadium on Sunday as they climbed to 10th in the English Premier League table. Brent crude rises above $50 for the first time in six weeks as the world's biggest producers prepared to discuss a possible freeze in production levels. President Jacob Zuma addresses a special media briefing on the general state of the economy and developments in the mining sector at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Thursday. There was no Cape Town, there was no road, harbour, Castle of Good Hope, Parliament building, airport, Nkandla or KFC in sight. Of course, if you wish the country to return to the state of living in little huts of mud, wearing animal skins, not being able to read of write or in fact not even having had the capability of inventing the wheel, by all means – crawl back into your hut.
Unfortunately the African incapability of understanding abstract thought and hypothetical reasoning makes it irreconcilable, so you decided to imitate. What do you call the vast pieces of land called the Ingonyama Trust and the Royal Bafokeng Trust apart from “our land” for the black man then? One thing you have to understand, and there will be no negotiation on that: White South Africa built this country to what it is, we’ll see you in hell before we leave it to your mercy. Black majority government in this country is shameful failure and your forgiveness means nothing to us. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Victory left Mark Hughes’s men level on points with Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. The southern tip of Africa looked pretty much as it did on the day of creation, because the few scattered groups of Khoisan people lived off the land and slept in minute little huts of reed which they would roll up and carry about on their backs when they moved on. But I’ll be damned if the civilised white, coloured and Indian population will follow you into that state.
The expansion of European influence in SA did lead to the subjugation of the once independent peoples of the region.
So carry on living in your ignorant little bubble of stupidity – the age of ethnic nationalism has dawned in the rest of the world and it will reach South Africa also.

By 1879, after nine bitter wars, the territories of Xhosa peoples of the Eastern Cape were annexed by Britain.
And you will have to bow your head and stand ashamed before history for having had all the opportunities imaginable and making one big, and gruesome bloody genocidal mess of it. What makes his blame even more detestable is that he uses race as a weapon just like one of his cronies recently did with the riots in Soweto. The same year, after an unprovoked war of aggression, the once mighty Zulu kingdom was swallowed up by the British empire.There is more than enough reason for bitterness.
By far the worst conflict that ever afflicted SA was the Mfecane, the wars that were unleashed by the presidenta€™s own people under their great King Shaka. The wars led to the devastation and depopulation of vast tracts of the country, and to migrations to places as far away as Malawi and Zimbabwe. As many as a million people may have died.Neither were blacks the only peoples who were subjugated by European imperialists. The Afrikaners fought by far the greatest anticolonial war in the history of Africa.However, had it not been for the British, there would have been no Union of SA in 1910 and the ANC would probably not have been founded two years later.
It is very unlikely that, 105 years later, a Zulu president would have been hosting a gala dinner for the ANC in Cape Town. Come to think of it, without Jan van Riebeeck and white settlers, would there have been a Cape Town or any of our other great cities?Possibly, but without the intervention of Western technology and capital, they would have been unrecognisably different. Ethiopia and Liberia, the only African states that were not colonised, are also among the most backward on the continent, occupying respectively 173rd and 175th positions out of 187 countries in the United Nations Development Programmea€™s Human Development Index.The fact is that, 21 years ago, the ANC took over the governance of by far the most developed country in Africa. There were far more kilometres of railways and highways than in any country in Africa, we (then) generated more electricity than the rest of the continent combined, and we had developed sophisticated industries and world-class businesses.
Despite apartheid, the black population of SA was in many respects more advanced than any other people in Africa.How much of this would have existed without the contribution that white South Africans made to the development of the country?The anti-Jan van Riebeeck campaign is yet another example of the disturbing and increasingly overt anti-white posture of the president and the ANC. Indeed, the ANCa€™s core programme, its "National Democratic Revolution", is the continuation and completion of its "liberation" struggle against white South Africans whom it views as "antagonists".Three years ago at the ANCa€™s January 8 celebrations in Bloemfontein, Zuma sang the "Shoot the Boer" song to a stadium full of ANC supporters.
Can one imagine the leader of any respectable country in the world expressing such deplorable views about a national minority?History is what it is. All of us, blacks, whites, coloureds and Asians, and not just the ANC played an indispensable role in creating our new society. All of us, and especially those who have been privileged by past and present advantage, must continue to work together to achieve the vision in our constitution.The opening lines of our constitution quite rightly "recognise the injustices of the past and honour those who suffered for justice and freedom in our land". However, it also requires us to "respect those who have worked to develop and build our country" and to affirm "that SA belongs to all those who live in it, united in our diversity".

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