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Modifikasi vw kodok new beetle tahun 2000 – Pada sekitar akhir tahun 1997 volkswagen memperkenalkan sedan penerus vw kodok klasik atau vw beetle dengan nama new beetle dengan model yang sudah sesuai dengan mobil-mobil modern saat ini akan tetapi masih mempertahankan model lama kodoknya.
Pada awal-awal sedan new beetle ini diproduksi ternyata masyarakat belum banyak meresponnya. VW new beetle mulai banyak peminatnya setelah volkswagen gencar melakukan even diberbagai pameran otomotif dengan memperkenalkan kecanggihan mobil penerus vw kodok klasik ini. Sekali lagi kami tekankanbahwa pemilihan velg racing merupakan bagian terpenting dalam modifikasi vw new beetle tahun 2000 ini, karena model velg sangat berpengaruh pada penampilan eksotik ve new beetle ini. Masukkan alamat email Anda untuk berlangganan blog ini dan menerima pemberitahuan mengenai tulisan terbaru dari kami.
This many letters behind the name of a car rarely stands for nothing, and this is true here as well.
Still, in 1997, while the old model was still being produced, in the wake of this retro hype we already discussed in the articles about the new 2013 MINI and the new 2012 FIAT 500, Volkswagen introduced the new Beetle. The third generation of the car has a bit different design, being more modern, but still carries the famous tradition. Perubahan yang signifikan adalah pada posisi mesinnya, pada vw beetle klasik mesin ada di bagasi belakang, sedangkan new beetle ini mesin sudah di depan dan berpenggerak roda depan seperti mobil sedan lainnya.

When the first VW Beetle came out in 1938, it was supposed to be a cheap car for everyone to own, but very soon it became a legend and through various models-all looking a lot like the first model, though- it stuck around until 2003.
19-inch wheels, rear spoiler and double exhausts tell you that there is more than a ladies car here.
There is definitely not enough room at the back, especially for adults and this gives the impression that this new VW Beetle is a car made for fun and not practicality. We won’t discuss all available engines and models here; we’ll just skip to the top of the offer and take a look at VW Beetle TSI DSG with 200 hp and famous DSG transmission.
This is even more emphasized by the fact that there are not many storage compartments in the cabin, but the trunk is a lot bigger than it was in the previous model. TSI is a great VW technology for petrol engines and DSG stands for the amazing VW transmission system. A great mix of old, gentle lines and seriously sharp moves of the designer’s pencil give it a very dynamic look. It is so different from other VW models that it actually diminishes the mentioned practicality. It does look a bit like the current Porsche models, especially when you take a look at the headlights that give away the family relations of these companies.

The trim level of the top model offers plethora of perks, such as leather seats that are very supportive and simply beautiful, leather steering wheel with straight bottom end and shifters, panorama roof and Fender stereo system. The front of the interior is very well designed and generally a great place to spend loads of time in. The 2.0 l engine equipped with a turbo produces 200 hp at 5,100 rpm, and the double clutch DSG transmission makes sure that all that power in this small car gets delivered almost instantly and at almost any rpm. Although the healthy sound of the engine that you can hear puts a smile on every car-lover’s face, it is by no means a problem for the passengers.
Heavier insulation would take away some of the joy of driving such a car, while lighter might be too much on longer journeys. This Beetle is lower and wider and this, combined with MacPherson suspension at the front, promises great fun. It is good, but if you buy a TSI DSG, this probably isn’t the most important figure for you.

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