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While I have been slogging it off, it looks like the rest of the world has been busy holidaying! Today I made a very easy Navane Menthya Pulav or Foxtail Millet  and fenugreek leaves Pulav. Different kinds of finely chopped vegetables and other greens like spinach can also be added to add color, texture, flavour and make this more nutritious. My name is Jim and I want to know if you carry or can order MILLET seed or stokes seed, to be picked up from your location. Please send me a formal quote invoice for the total cost of all 100 bags to be picked up from your location, including all applicable sales taxes and credit card surcharges so we may proceed with full payment processing, prior to pick-up.
Before you start using these capsules you should talk to your doctor to make sure that it is safe for you to take them. If you are using this, you will know how to increase your milk supply in about a day or two. Although this may seem to be an easy way when it comes to increasing milk supply, this is one of the most effective ways. For sure you know that stress has a great effect on your life and this also have a word to say when you want to produce more breast milk.
For some it may seem to be too good to be true to drink a tea and have increased milk supply.
Now you know how to increase your milk supply and you can see that there are a lot of different options. When you are suffering from scalp infection, the first thing you should do is, drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday. Apart from this, use some warm coconut oil, almond oil, lavender oil and olive oil on your scalp. If you have sores and blisters along with dandruff on your scalp, apply some curd or lemon juice before taking a shower. Apart from following all the above steps, it is important for the victim to stop using combs and towels that are used by other members of the family, as this skin problem is highly communicable. As some of you who follow me on Facebook already know, I actually managed to re-blog all the recipes I had lost earlier due to the virus attack. There’s something in the air during the month of November…  holiday mood starts slowly trickling in!

For the time being I just have to put my feet up, sit on my terrace soaking in the winter sun, make myself something warm and comforting to eat and believe that I am on a holiday!!
There are several variations of this in different regions of the country, each being only tastier than the other. Lovely fresh fenugreek leaves are cooked along with millets instead of the traditional rice for an interesting variation of Pulav here. God bless you for all the effort that you have put in to make others’ life more easier and cooking more interesting. You need to buy Navane Akki or Foxtil millet rice which is how it’s normally sold in most places, without the skin. If you are on WordPress.org, there is a back up plug in that you can set to automatically back up your site every week. I have been adding it to quinoa a lot these days & it has definitely changed my liking for the grain.
The good news is that there are several things that you could try to achieve this without using any artificial substances. A lot of women say that they started having oatmeal right when they saw that they have problems, and these disappeared in a short period of time. All you have to do is to relax during breastfeeding or pumping and you will see that the amount of breast milk will start to increase immediately.
When asking how to produce more breast milk you should also consider that you need enough rest to have breast milk. A person is bound to have scalp infection if he is not taking proper care of his scalp on a regular basis.
If you have long hair then it is must for you to dry it properly, otherwise, fungal infections will appear on the damp scalp.
Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is also very important for your skin and for the proper functioning of the body.
As exercise improves blood circulation in the body, it will develop the process of blood circulation of the scalp which will ultimately result into a healthy scalp and will strengthen the root of the hair.
Tea tree oil is excellent for an itchy scalp as it has the capability to fight with fungal attacks. In this stage, it is better to avoid using harmful chemicals on the scalp as it may increase your problem.

You have to keep the curd or lemon juice on the scalp for around 25 minutes before washing it off. I am really proud of myself for being able to put back all your favorite recipes back on the blog but it hasn’t been easy. Foxtail millet cooks really fast which makes this the perfect quick meal which is wholesome and nutritious. I use millet flour a lot but never tried the pearls..this pilaf looks soo good as a quick brekkie or lunch!
As long as you can breastfeed, this is your best option to make sure that your baby will be healthy. To be able to sleep you should pump some milk so that the father will be able to feed the little one while you are asleep. The mothers who were drinking the tea saw that it also helped with the gas of the babies and with colicky babies. This is a huge problem for the sufferers as it ultimately leads to hair loss and hair damage. Scalp hygiene is very much needed in this case because once the microbe attacks your skin, it will produce disastrous results.
Lack of Vitamin B may lead to a poor scalp and it diminishes hair growth on the scalp; hence, have foods that are rich a source of Vitamin B.
You just have to take a few drops of tea tree oil on your palm and apply it properly on your scalp by massaging it slowly in circular motions. Itching of the scalp, appearance of dandruffs, emergence of blisters or sores on the scalp are some of its common symptoms. Since foxtail millet is quite neutral in taste it can be cooked with almost any herb and vegetable. Millets tend to absorb a lot of liquid so they dry up very fast, leave a little bit of the liquid, turn off the heat and cover till you serve.

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