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Slither.io is the classic game Snake, but massively multiplayer and with the ruthless eat-and-grow mechanic of Osmos. No Man’s Sky is a new game featuring quintillions of worlds, all created by procedural generation to create a vast illusion of design.
The The Totally Useful Loot Generator (by JKTerrezas) both lampoons and perfects the random drops found in role-playing games and low-quality journalism alike. With all of the digital information out there—from credit card numbers to Instagram posts to consumer behavior—there’s so much data that businesses struggle with the task of storing, managing, and analyzing the information.

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Great mix of astonishing CGI and make-up makes the creatures seem incredibly lifelike, the humor is great, especially because of Nathan “Capt. The "eat" mechanism is subverted: hitting other creatures results in death, so you must instead outmanoever them and force them to hit you.
LeiluMultipass hilariously sums up the epic promise of this type of game content against the all-too-common reality.

The plotline is a classic; an alien lifeform lands on earth, starts turning people into mutants and zombies, who then have to be defeated by the local townsfolk. Reynolds” Fillion, one of my new favorite actors, and then there are just a bunch of cool, gory scenes.

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