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Touch and hold the recent apps button (left to home button) when you are on any of home screen page.
You can navigate to other home screen pages by holding the widget to the left or right edge of current page.
If there is not enough space for the widget, some apps will be pushed to the next page of the home screen.
If you suddenly change your mind (not add the widget), you can drag the widget to the remove button at the top of the screen.
If you don’t need the widget, you can remove it from the home screen just like any other app. Valve Reveal Monkey King at TI6 The first official hero to be added to Dota 2 will be coming in the Fall Update. 5 Things We Learnt at The International 2016 Some interesting things we took away from Valve's colossal Dota 2 event.
Forward Operating Base Salerno, situated north of Khost City, is a main Coalition hub for operations in southeastern Afghanistan. Nearly 30 Taliban fighters attempted to storm a major US base in eastern Afghanistan a day after a double car bombing attack was attempted on the same base. The Taliban attackers tried to breach the entrance to the airstrip contained within the base, an indication the Taliban may have wanted to detonate themselves on or near Coalition aircraft in what would have been a major propaganda coup for the Taliban. Three other suicide bombers detonated themselves shortly before they were racked by heavy machine-gun fire. The sprawling FOB Salerno, which now includes a state-of-the-art medical wing and burn center, is situated a few kilometers north of Khost City, the provincial capital of Khost.
The Haqqani Network has conducted a devastating car bomb campaign throughout the region this spring and summer, with the March 3 truck bombing of the Sabari district headquarters being the most spectacular.
The province has undergone a flurry of other attacks including a massive frontal attack launched by the Taliban against the Spera district headquarters in late July.

The early morning attack began when nearly 100 heavily armed Taliban fighters approached the Spera district headquarters, approximately nine miles from the Pakistan border, and engaged Afghan police personnel in a gunfight. Insurgents continue to use remote areas of Khost province as key logistical and training grounds for spectacular terrorist attacks.
The source of the weapons has not been identified but it is likely the weapons were smuggled over the porous border with Pakistan.
If dealing more damage to your opponent is a worthy objective; consider that the cost of equipping one of these fellas is about $150 each and if all were killed we are looking at a cost of $45,000 to the enemy vs millions of dollars required to eliminate this $45,000 enemy plus the chance of much greater losses if ever one of this thing succeeds. You are one tough Army Mom to be informing yourself on your son’s moment-to-moment challenges. Thank you for letting me see where this is my son is there and it makes me feel closer to him. Thank you for sending that picture, its great to see were your son was once at before getting stationed permantly.
Of course, it is up to the developer to decide whether the widget is fixed-size or re-sizable. Mortars and rockets struck the base shortly before midnight, a diversionary attack while the suicide-bomb cadre made its way near the base’s air field. Helicopter gunships later pounded the Taliban’s staging area resulting in the death of three out of seven suicide bombers. He claimed 15 Taliban suicide bombers, backed up by a force of 30 other Taliban, managed to breach the base’s perimeter and detonated at least one bomb within the airfield, killing a large number of American soldiers and destroying some aircraft.
Several insurgent groups including the Taliban, al Qaeda, and the notorious Haqqani Network are active throughout the province, which borders Pakistan’s restive tribal agencies. The building was brought down by an estimated four-ton truck bomb detonated by a Turkish-born German citizen who was recruited into the Haqqani Network in neighboring North Waziristan, Pakistan.
Provincial authorities later estimated between 50-75 fighters were killed in the fierce battle.

Afghan and Coalition soldiers responded to the attack and drove the Taliban back using small-arms fire and helicopter gunships. Both Siraj and Jalaluddin Haqqani were suspected of hiding in northern Khost between March and July of this year. Insurgents in Iraq are known to use similar devices but there is no evidence these weapons came from Iraq. Thank you for detailed news like this article, you would never get details like this on US network news. Even though it was difficult to read, I appreciate learning about what is happening on his base. Fleeing Taliban fighters were caught in the open and hit with missiles fired from aircraft resulting in the large number of Taliban killed, according to Afghan security officials. And in an additional alarming development, insurgents in Khost have acquired a sophisticated batch of Type 69 airburst, anti-personnel rocket-propelled grenades, a deadly breed of munitions rarely seen in Afghanistan before a cache of 89 was unearthed during a Coalition raid in late June. I pray for protection daily for the men and women that are there and for all those serving around the world. The grenade is designed to bounce off the ground near enemy troops before exploding six feet off the ground unleashing 800 steel ball bearings into a kill radius of 15 meters. More ordnance including 25 anti-tank weapons and 25 mortars were also discovered in the same cache.

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