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From the premium hardware and sleek design to the cutting-edge internal components and simplified software, everything about these phones is new… and better. Smartphones today tend to always prefer smaller, lighter and classier builds; even if that comes at a cost of dropping a few features or a reduced ease of repairability. A reader can, almost at once, see a theme building up here since most of the phones in this roundup are stellar looking devices that sacrifice some form of hardware accessibility in favor of a superior build and a premium feel. A similar story here with the S6 Edge Plus(and the S6 as well) ensues, since the S6 Edge Plus is, essentially, the Galaxy Note 5 with a curved screen.
Lastly, the HTC One M9 makes it on our list since it is one of the toughest phones to replace owing to its layout of components internally.
While we would still prefer slender, stupendous and stellar build qualities, we do realize that there is certainly a market for users who like to improvise.
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The accessories launched in India include the Fast Charge wireless charger, Keyboard cover, and the S View cover. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5 support fast charging, wireless charging, and are also one of the first handsets to support fast wireless charging.
On the specifications front, it features a 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED display, Exynos 7420 64-bit octa-core processor, Mali T760 GPU and 4GB LPDDR4 RAM. If you take a look at photos of the initial batches of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or the ones from MWC 2015, you will notice that there is a halo of sorts around the front logo of the device. If you look at the first photo in this article, you can clearly see that the Samsung logo on the Gold version looks a bit smudged.
This has been fixed in the newer batches as can be seen on the speed test unit that we have.
The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge were officially announced at Samsung’s UNPACKED event at MWC today. It remains to be seen how the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will be priced in the US and other parts of the world, though we are sure the details will crop up in the days leading up to the April 10 global launch of the two handsets. Samsung have done allot of interesting things with the new S6, but they’ve sacrificed two major points which used to be the Galaxy line-ups strongest selling point, the MicroSD expansion and the removable battery. Wie schon das Galaxy Note 4 soll auch das Galaxy S6 von Samsung einen Bruder mit abgerundetem Display erhalten.
We had seen the leaked shot (albeit curved on a wrong end), but we didn’t believe it was going to come this soon.
Bringing its Youm display with an edge, Samsung has launched its new big thing which will definitely be adored. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is in simple words is the powerful and loved Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but with added features and completely new look thanks to the curve! While the design still largely remains same to Note, except for the curve part, Samsung has moved its right-side power button to the top.
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is expected to arrive at a higher price than the Note 4 and will be available from October.
Samsung is currently in the process of unveiling them in Barcelona, Spain during its big MWC 2015 press conference, and you’re going to be reading a whole lot about these two phones in the coming weeks and months. Because the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge are far and away the best smartphones Samsung has ever made.
Where last year’s Galaxy S5 was an uninspired, iterative update, the S6 duo is new in every way imaginable.
It is made with specially processed glass to protect the screen of your device from shocks and scratches and keep it safe.

Today we wanted to countdown the 5 phones that rank the worst, when it comes to ease of repairability.
Each phone’s service centers can obviously handle their phones and repair them with ease. Ever since the Galaxy lineup of phones decided to ditch the removable battery and microSD expansion in favor of a glass-metal build, starting with the launch of the Galaxy S6, their ease of repairability has decreased as well. That curved screen may even make replacing it tougher than the Note 5 depending on a number of factors such as availability of spare parts etc.
Granted that some iPhones fare better than others in this regard but they are still one of the worst phones for a user to task themselves with repairing. Not only do you need a handful of tailored tools, you also need a tom of patience since the internals and the gateways to get to them are sealed shut with adhesive. And if you pride yourself in that fact, this list should help you have a clearer idea of which phones are the easiest for a user to repair. Along with the new smartphone, Samsung has also launched a bunch of accessories, with prices starting from Rs 2,999. These are priced at Rs 3,599, Rs 4,499 and Rs 2,999 respectively and are compatible with the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5.
Using this new charger one can charge the battery from zero to full in less than two hours.
As the name suggests, this cover offers a physical QWERTY keypad that snaps onto the smartphone.
Also follow BGR India on Facebook and Twitter to stay tuned with the latest technology news. If you take a closer look at photos of the gold variant you will see that there seems to be another shade of gold around the Samsung branding that gives the logo a halo effect. The newer unit does away with the Halo effect and you have a much neater and simpler logo that’s clearly legible.
As always, while the company spoke a lot about the devices’ features, it left out information on their pricing.
Meanwhile, the Galaxy S6 Edge will cost €150 more than the standard Galaxy S6 for the 32, 64 and 128GB models – €849, €949, and €1049. You are taking the piss Samsung, this is not 2010, we know it doesn’t cost anywhere near that much extra for an additional 32GB storage. Samsung surprisingly launched its latest, and may we say quite adventurous, Galaxy Note Edge yesterday at its press event in Berlin. While real-life usage of phablet will make us more certain about its benefits, even from the looks and talks of it, the device looks friendly and useful. Note Edge gets all the new and improved features of Note 4 along with the latest S Pen powered with Edge-specific actions and features taking the device to a whole new level. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more.
Unfortunately, the X is also difficult to repair due to its closed enclosure and sealed internals. Add to that the relative high prices of repair, the use of proprietary screws and sealed parts, and you can see why the iPhone has made it in our list.
Lastly, a task as simple as replacing the display requires you to tunnel through the entire host of components, which is certainly a pain for users looking to repair their phones on their own. Let us know what you think of these phones and on which end of the spectrum you lie in the comments below. The charger supports Qi and PMA standards, and is hence compatible with other new smartphones as well.

This flip cover comes with a small transparent window to see notifications, as well as receive or reject calls. Now it seems that Samsung have fixed the issue in the newer production batches as can be seen in our Gold unit of the S6 Edge as well. In the video below, you can see how the logo looked on the units that were available at MWC and some of the initial batches of the device. The other color variants also did have the issue but none were as pronounced as the one on the Gold variant. We’ve heard rumors of the prices for the two handsets in the past, and now we have the official price tags right from Samsung officials here at MWC. So kann man nun das Hauptfenster der Seiten-Displays entweder rechts oder links einblenden lassen. Die anderen Infos stammen immerhin von SamMobiles ungenannten, aber haufig verlasslichen Quellen. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is the same pretty Note but with an edge. While it was expected that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would be star of the entire event, it seems as if Note Edge is snatching some portion of that limelight, and deservedly so. The edge of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is its curved display; display is curved from only one side of the smartphone. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. And the lack of service centers around, relatively speaking, make the OnePlus X a tougher nut to crack. And then, there is the issue of inserting the S-Pen inside in the opposite direction that cracks the phone open. Fortunately, a lot of guides and tools do exist on the Internet that can help you out if you do decide to venture into a self-repairing quest. As each keypress is registered by the touchscreen underneath, you do not need to connect the cover via Bluetooth. This cover will be available in Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium, Black Sapphire, and White Pearl color variants. Das Galaxy S6 hat demnach sogar auf beiden Seiten, links und rechts, eine Rundung im Display. Glance Lighting ermoglicht derweil die Nutzung der Seitenbereiche als Benachrichtigungsleuchte, wenn man das Smartphone auf die Vorderseite legt. While the first-of-its-kind and funky looking devices are always taken with a laugh and a smirk but this first attempt from Samsung actually looks quite genuine and clever. The Edge will not only help in saving battery by literally dividing the screen into parts, but will also provide better viewing angles while it rests on the desk. Man kann dort etwa einen Wecker einblenden lassen – nicht zuletzt, um ihn abzuschalten –, den Empfang von neuen E-Mails nachvollziehen oder seine Kontakte aufrufen.
So here is what this device actually is and why we think you will eventually like this smartphone design. Ein weiterer Vorteil: Das Handy ware im Vergleich zum Note Edge auch fur Linkshander besser nutzbar.

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