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Heinz has been coming to the chapel since it opened in 2002, to sit in the cool, dimly lit room, clear his mind and give thanks. He thought he could help save her when doctors at the triage center put her into the back of his station wagon because all of the emergency vehicles were full.
In the months after the attack, Heinz often went to the Pentagon courtyard to smoke cigarettes and watch the scarred wedge of the building being repaired.
But he visited every two months, and in the spring of 2006, he arrived with an engagement ring.
The couple were married that August in a modest ceremony officiated by a retired military chaplain. It took him six months to recover, surrounded by his new family and the barking dogs in their cozy Fairfax townhouse. The hour-long parade was also attended by male soldiers, who grasped guns as they marched in neat blocks.Around 10,000 soldiers were in attendance at the grand parade attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The farsi-language horror film Under the Shadow, written and directed by BAFTA-nominated Babak Anvari, is arriving in theaters on October 7 after World Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah this past January.
Set in post-revolution Tehran, during the Iran-Iraq war, the film a follows a young mother who remains with her six-year-old daughter when others are fleeing local fighting.

Shot in Amman, Jordan, the film stars Narges Rashidi, Avin Manshadi, Bobby Naderi, Ray Haratian, and Arash Marandi. It is a weekday afternoon, and he has stopped by with his wife to visit the Pentagon’s most sacred corner, where the words “United in Memory Sept.
Before that day, he was just a bespectacled IT guy who was unremarkable in most ways; a lonely bachelor with no one to go home to.
She arrived a year after the attack, assigned to help mobilize the troops that would be heading to Afghanistan. They debated esoteric subjects at the spot he called “the philosopher’s corner.” Soon, he began peering out of his office window into the courtyard to see whether she was there. His life was a quiet trek between the Pentagon and a Burke condo close to his elderly mother. When the opportunity came to move her children to the Army base at Heidelberg, Germany, in 2005, she took it, leaving Heinz behind.
It was Nora who raced him to the hospital and watched over him when doctors induced a coma that kept him unconscious for five weeks. When it came time for him to return to work, Nora took him on several practice runs so she could make sure he had the strength to walk from the parking lot to his office.

Things get weird when the mother soon begins to believe an unexploded missile has carried evil spirits into her home and possessed her daughter. Garbage photoshop, which is a shame because the movie looks great and has received good buzz.
Here, just outside the chapel doors, is a flag that was draped over a casket at Arlington National Cemetery during a ceremony honoring the 184 victims. She invited him for dinner and was cooking gravy and a pot roast when her sons started to fight and her chocolate Labrador began to bark. Most of those who came wore military fatigues, and a small American flag decorated the reception room.
He felt brave as he ran into the smoke while others tried to escape it, and then rushed to the hospital.
He goes to the chapel and sits, and if tourists are passing by, what they’ll see is a fortunate man giving thanks.

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