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The protesters stood in front of the podium, facing the audience, and held up pieces of cardboard with the words "Khanga", "Remember Khwezi", "10 yrs later" in reference to President Jacob Zuma's rape accuser, who was called Khwezi by the media. Four women caused a stir during the live broadcast of the IEC's results announcement while President Jacob Zuma was speaking.
While pictures are awesome, when your child is nonverbal those words are worth more than any picture you will ever find. It was horribly frustrating, and exhausting teaching each word over and over only to have it lost over and over again. It was so frustrating to have him know how to ask for things then just have that disappear. Until his amazing speech teacher was working with him and wrote words which I then signed and we each spoke the words attempting to get him to pronounce them correctly. Then, for days or weeks after we asked him to bring us the cup, each time saying and signing cup until he got it. He has even learned to look up videos or products online and show them to me when he wants something. However, If you do not know him, he is rather hard to understand, and he usually requires translation.
I have hope now that he can have a life where he is understood, and others can see what a wonderful loving person he is. Viola Davis brought tears to several audience members’ eyes at the 2015 Emmy Awards in her acceptance speech for winning Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

Davis became the first black female to lay claim to the award, the Huffington Post reported.
Davis, who also has won an Oscar for her previous work, went on to highlight the struggles that black artists like Viola face still today in the television industry. Viola also went on to congratulate artists who were also nominated for the award as well as other females working in the industry today. Davis was not the only black female to win Emmys on the night as Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series went to Uzo Aduba for her role in Orange Is The New Black, and Regina King won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie for her work on American Crime.
The reaction in the audience to the speech Viola Davis gave was tearful, especially the one from Kerry Washington. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
To be fair, Trump plagiarizes Democrats all the time, and they haven’t complained much about that before. Twitchy: Ben Shapiro anticipates plagiarism from Hillary, Who’s Fired?, Manafort blames Hillary,and Which Democrat and Obama official admitted to plagiarism? You knew he knew the word, he said it yesterday, last week and sometimes even knew it for months then it would be gone.
We had to try so many things. We started with vocal repetition, then flash cards, writing, followed by signing,  and lastly a speech device.
So, when we could tell he wanted a cup (pointing or taking us to the cups) we would make him say, cup, we would use a flash card or sign the word.

He even came up to me when I fell last week (tripped over my own feet) and asked me if I was okay. So, our next step is to help him learn to use his iPad as a speech device so maybe some day he can learn to communicate with others as well as he can talk to me. In accepting the honor, Viola recalled words that Harriet Tubman penned in the 1800’s. Rhimes is the show creator for How To Get Away With Murder, the show Davis leads as Annalise Keating.
There are lines that are word for word, which seems more than mere coincidence, but as plagiarism goes it is not that big a deal. Best of all, on my birthday this year (at the beginning of this month) He held my hand and sang along with the rest of my family when they sang happy birthday! Could you do something for her as I know first hand she does so much and feels so much for others? Send her love from all over, light from all over and if you believe in prayers send them too, your words of love would beOUTSTANDING as well!

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