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Listen Seth, I would like to make this a hilariously funny post but I’m afraid I cannot. Speaking of imagination, I think a new comedy about a Forensic Hair Scientist who loses his love because of his thinning hair would be hilarious.
Now I use my knowledge and carefully trained eye to identify celebrities that may have taken action as well. About HHLArmed with nothing more than years of research, hundreds of failed experiments, a quick wit, amazing calves, a perfectly symmetrical face, a one-night stand with an extra from a major 70's sitcom, the acute eyes of an eagle, and a general lack of self-esteem, I bring you Hollywood Hairloss!

You see, my hair has been getting thinner as of late and because of that I caught my lady friend seeking the attention of another man. Not with the hair piece (I prefer to call them hair systems) that you have been wearing as of late.
Then this Forensic Hair Scientist promptly gets the most amazing hair transplant, grows the most beautiful mane, then becomes a male model and has sex with over 5 good looking ladies (not too good looking because we want to make this believable – like an LA 8).
My exacting research and sometimes painful experiments led me to a solution that I'm happy with, a transplant.

This created an aesthetically pleasing result and allowed me to trick my lady friend into spending her life with me.
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