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The wave of carrier announcements for availability of the Samsung Galaxy S4 continues this morning, with US Cellular joining the party. US Cellular is attempting to sweeten the deal a bit by tossing in a S View Flip Cover to anyone that pre-orders, a product that typically retails for $59.99. The GALAXY S 4 has a 5-inch full HD Super AMOLEDTM display, weighs only 130 grams and is 7.9 millimeters thin, and it blends an attractive design with innovative features. Group Play lets users enjoy music, photos, documents and games with those around them without requiring a Wi-Fi connection or cellular signal. S Translator provides instant translation, using text or voice translation on applications including email and text messaging. Purchase of a smartphone data plan, a new two-year agreement and a $35 activation fee is required. Verizon always plays the we have the best network card, well who cares, the rest of the carriers either have caught up or are on your heels.
I assume such a technological breakthrough must be protected by no less than a dozen patents. Yeah I tried them out here in NH too for a couple weeks, I got around 5-8Mbps average download, compared to Verizon which was usually at least double or triple that. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. The list of official Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories is impressive, but the one that got the most people interested, is the S View Cover.
Basically, the S View Cover is an upgraded version of the Flip Cover, which has a neat cut-out window that allows you to take a quick peek at your Galaxy S4 screen to see what’s new or to just check out the time. The S View Cover is a two part affair – the screen cover has a leather-like texture, while the back has the same hyperglaze finish as the the standard battery cover on the Galaxy S4 that it replaces. On the inside, it’s soft, with a bit of padding added that not only helps protect the screen, but also cleans it from fingerprints. By itself, the S View Cover weighs 31 grams, so it does add a noticeable amount of weight to the S4, but not so much as to make it uncomfortably heavy.
A little gripe we have with the S View Cover is that it makes the volume rocker much harder to press. Once you’ve closed the S View Cover the Samsung Galaxy S4 goes into a special mode displaying just the notification drawer, the clock and date, missed calls, new emails and messages, as well as the currently played song (only the Samsung Music Player is supported). To save battery, the screen goes all black with only the part that is located directly underneath the S View Cover window remaining active. Happily, thanks to the built-in magnet in the front cover of the S View Cover, flicking it automatically unlocks the screen. Currently sold in white and black variants, the Samsung Galaxy S4′s S View Cover will set you back $70 (suggested retail price), which is quite steep as is usually the case with official accessories. Today Samsung announced some new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Accessories along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet smart phone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with a cover called the S View cover that lets users use their phones without even opening the cover.

The Flip Cover doesn’t offer the opening, and likely will cost less, much like the Note 2 covers. We also learned about some hard covers designed by Moschino in bright and shiny metalic colors.
The Samsung Galaxy Note’s S Pen comes with the phone, but functions like an accessory, making inking easy on the phablet. Samsung includes a function called Air Command that makes the pen useful no matter what app the user runs. Samsung offers a number of other accessories that should work with the Galaxy Note 3, including their AllShare Wireless Hub that lets users stream media to a TV.
I’m really excited about all of these potential colors and options available directly from samsung. May have to wait for the Note 4, it looks like they are pushing a new USB type of charging connection! Strange that the article did not mention that the Note 2 smart dock is compatible with the Note 3! Its dual camera function allows customers to use the 13 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front camera at the same time, so the person taking the picture isn’t left out of the shot.
Cellular, in partnership with King Street Wireless, currently offers 4G LTE service covering 61 percent of its customers in select cities in Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin. For one thing the hole is actually not a hole, there is a protective surface over it which is receptive to touch. I have a couple friends at work who are on USC and their download speeds are a third of what mine are. I have unlimited data still even though I have to pay full price for the phone I can sell my S3 for 300 still and only pay 300 to 349 for my new phone and keep unlimited data, versus paying 200 to 249 anyway and have to pay the same amount to only get 2 gig of data to use.
Their lack of interaction with the phones’ software, total obfuscation of the display when closed, and general lack of utility have kept us from using them extensively.
So get your flipping fingers ready, and join us for a quick look at the S View cover for the Galaxy S 4.
The front cover is connected to the back one very securely, and opens up with a flick of a finger.
Keep in mind that dirt accumulates quite easily, but cleaning it isn’t particularly tedious either.
Samsung has put a lot of thought into the S View Cover, as it has even added a cut out for the home button to avoid unwanted presses.
It also adds to the overall thickness of the device, but that’s to be expected from an accessory that protects your device from accidental scratches.
It is made out of see-through plastic, which is thin enough so that you can press it and answer or reject an incoming call. It’s not the end of the world, but might be annoying if you constantly readjust the volume.
Simply apply a bit of pressure onto the window itself so that the screen of the phone can register it and you’re good to go.

As a result, the Galaxy S4 hardly consumes any battery when you’re checking the time or pending notifications.
More importantly it skips past your lockscreen (unless you have set up a pass code) and goes straight to your homescreen. The good news is unlike the S Wireless Charging Pad and Cover combo that we reviewed recently, purchasing it might be justifiable.
The colors include electric red, metalic orange, glittery green, satin yellow, chrome gray and midnight blue. My photographic use will be mainly for signing releases, geo-tagging, flagging DNG files to be imported to LightRoom etc. You can even make your Note 3 prettier by covering it with a nice case such the new hybrid case from Spigen.
The 16GB GALAXY S 4 is offered in Black Mist and White Frost and is $199.99 with an instant rebate. There are also several features designed to help you get the information you need faster and easier. There is also some tech involved which allows communication between the cover and the phone.
So when we walked into a pre-launch Galaxy S 4 briefing a while back to find a bunch of flip covers sitting on the table, we weren’t too excited.
Since the cover is certain to block any unwanted presses when the Galaxy S4 is in your pockets, this is quite a smart time-saving feature to have. One of them includes a cutout where users can see important details like the time, caller ID or text messages.
Samsung seems to want to make a phone for every outfit with more color options than almost any other phone. Samsung flashed images of other colors that we expect to also shop in October or possibly later. Samsung offers various cables to charge their phones, connect to displays and docks for desk or car. There will be plenty of cases and back cover options for those of us who may prefer a different feel. Cellular’s customers in several of the carrier’s markets.  King Street Wireless is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia where it is recognized for its involvement in its community both through its economic development and philanthropic efforts. Cellular exclusively is offering a $59.99 S View flip cover for free to anyone who pre-orders the device online.
Cellular receive benefits no other carrier offers, including a valuable rewards program that recognizes customer loyalty.

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