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NOTE: If you get this RANK before getting any other RANKS above RANK F, you WILL also get the C RANK medal!!!
NOTE: If you get this RANK before getting any other RANKS above RANK F, you WILL also get the C RANK and B RANK medals!!! NOTE: If you get this RANK before getting any other RANKS above RANK F, you WILL also get the C RANK, B RANK and A RANK medals!!! I am only posting a hint cause we are not allowed to reveal the secret medals at THIS guide. Game author's hint: If you haven't found the medal yet, think about how you'd find the secret photo on the STARS desk in Resident Evil 2.
Go back to the hallway and use the coat hanger on the rattling door to unlock the latch on the inside. Use the key on the front door of the house (marked on the map by a red line) and exit the building. Pick up the white sheet hanging from the bed and click the window to discover it has a hexagonal safety catch.
Take a closer look at the bus stop sign and note that the number 120 is highlighted in red.

Take the clock hand from the floor and go to the top deck by clicking on the staircase area to the left. Use the screwdriver to secure the plug together, then click the plug one last time to insert it in the socket.
Combine the lever and the attachment in your inventory to assemble the arm for the slot machine. Go down the hole, open the panel on the left wall and flick the switch to turn on the power for the elevator.
When it comes adjascent to the statues, use the boltcutters on the rusted chain underneath the statue on the right. You can either use the weapon on it straight away as it lies on the floor, or wait until it climbs to its feet and begins approaching you again.
Grab a ziplock plastic bag from the small drawer on the left-hand side of the counter facing you. Combine the broken key with the tube of superglue to fix it, then use the key on the door straight ahead. To free it, place the bag of gas in the fireplace and then use the lighter to cause a small explosion.

You will now have to guide it through the lock by moving your cursor through the close-up without touching the sides. The switches on this need to be the same as the pattern written on the note you found earlier (up, up, down, up, down) before using the small key on the lock. The numbers you've collected should be entered in the order that the Roman numerals accompanied them. Click the items on the kitchen surface to get closer and see a set of digital scales and a bowl. Drag the statues to the centre of the screen by holding your click over them and then dragging to the side. Spin them in to the positions relative to the colours and numbers you have collected around this building.

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