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When you take a look up at the sky, the two most prominent objects are the Sun and the Moon. Just like you might expect, the Moon both orbits counterclockwise around Earth and rotates counterclockwise on its axis, so that the same side of it always faces us!
Not only do all of the rocky planets revolve counterclockwise around the Sun, and not only do all of the gas giant planets revolve counterclockwise around the Sun, but something like 99% of the known asteroids, kuiper belt objects, and comets also revolve counterclockwise around the Sun!
So not only should the planets all revolve in the same direction, but if this idea is correct, the Sun should rotate counterclockwise, too!
And not only does it rotate counterclockwise, we can measure that rotation by following sunspots! But you might decide to look at the individual planets, and see if they not only revolve counterclockwise about the Sun, but if they also rotate counterclockwise about their own axes, tilted or not. While Mercury, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune all rotate counterclockwise, at tilts varying from less than a degree up to substantial, significant tilts, two planets stand out as weirdos.
Venus, rotating almost perfectly backwards, and Uranus, rotating on its side, are the unexplained bizarre children of our Solar System. So almost everything in the Solar System revolves and rotates counterclockwise (from the North), but Venus?
Most races (be it humans, machines or animals) on a circular or oval track run in a counterclockwise direction. The reason for the counter clockwise direction for some sport like NASCAR is fairly obvious. Well the results of the two interpretations, backwards spin vs upside down axis, are the same. If the Aztecs had conquered Spain, we’d all look at everything from the southern hemisphere POV.
So we would still say that the solar system rotates counterclockwise, but we would mean the opposite direction. If I understand you correctly you’re suggesting that Venus may have originally rotated ccw, but a collision or other event effectively flipped it upside down so its north pole now points south and vice versa. Another interesting thing about Venus – its day is longer than its year (243 Earth days to 225). As well your recent Me At The Bar post shows that the stars of our Milky Way Galaxy rotate; but does not clarify if clockwise, counterclockwise or not aligned to galactic plane.
At the risk of seeming to be (being?) a Prick, I present counterexamples to refute some other assertions. These are considered to be anomalies resulting from interactions with Jupiter (or perhaps other planets).
Venus is an angular momentum problem no matter what: retrograde or not, a huge amount of angular momentum got lost somewhere. Well the rotational angular momentum of the planet is several orders of magnitude less than the orbital angular momentum, so at least it is plausible that collisions could be responsible for altering the planet’s spin.
Perhaps it’s safe to say that due to the sundial->clock face evolution, if the map-makers and clock-inventers come from the same hemisphere, then the solar system will run “ccw”, if they come from different hemispheres, it runs “cw”.
The present rotation period of Venus represents an equilibrium state between gravitational tidal locking by the Sun that tends to slow the rotation rate, and an atmospheric tide created by the solar heating of the thick Venusian atmosphere.

A curious aspect of the Venusian orbit and rotation periods is that the 584-day average interval between successive close approaches to the Earth is almost exactly equal to five Venusian solar days. Venus is being contrary (just like a woman) while Uranus is being stubborn (just like an ass).
If political economies were discussed with the same liberation from ideological rigidity and humorous fascination with sharing curious facts as is demonstrated in this string of comments by astrophysicists and cosmophyles, there would be a lot more prosperity and less violence among humans on the planet. Its only the presence of the ovesized and nearby moon that’s stopped our earth from flipping over. Rotational instability is pretty much inevitable over periods of millions of years without something nearby that would soak up that disturbance. So maybe the only weird thing about the two is that we see both being weird at the same time, but a period without one planet playing silly buggers might be fairly unusual.
The rotation of the solar system, and of Earth are quite different from the rotation of the galactic plane. What will happen to these two periods if Earth were to revolve clockwise around the Sun and the Moon clockwise around Earth? Hate to break it to you, but the Aztecs as well as Mayans were also in the Northern Hemisphere.
This article left Pluto out as another body in the solar system that rotates clockwise as well as 8 moons that rotate the opposite direction of the other six planets. Not only does it rotate, but it rotates from West to East, and that’s why we see everything rise in the East and set in the West over the course of a day or night. If you rose up, above the Earth’s North Pole, and looked down at the Earth as it revolved around the Sun, not only would the Earth spin counterclockwise, it would also orbit the Sun counterclockwise!
Since one direction will be shorter, that will collapse first, and so we’ll get a disc. In general, there will be an overall, bulk, rotational motion, due to the law of conservation of angular momentum. There are ideas out there, such as big collisions in the young Solar System, but there is currently no compelling evidence that favors any one theory over the other. You might want to mention that it has become tidally locked with Charon giving it it’s unusual axis.
However, if the agreement was for necessities (such as food or an apartment) and the minor benefited from the contract for the necessities, that portion of the contract is enforceable on the minor. They are Ice Giants; they are of markedly different chemical makeups than the two Gas Giants. If Venus had gotten hit by a slightly smaller, less dense planet, working its was in from L4 instead, that would be enough to reverse the spin without leaving enough left over material for a large moon.
The exceptions being the Australian version of NASCAR (AUSCAR) and some European horse tracks. The usual system in astronomy is to define the north pole as being the one that lies above the invariable plane of the solar system, rather than defining north by the sense of rotation, which is in some ways a more sensible way to do things. All these heavenly bodies rotate and cycle in the same direction but that direction is anticlockwise only when considering the north as up. Assuming that the angular momentum of universe was originally zero (I’m not a cosmologist, but seems like a reasonable thing to suppose) then where is all the missing clockwise angular momentum?

This seems to be borne out by simulations of terrestrial planet formation: the rotation axes are essentially randomised during the final stages of accretion by giant collisions (rather like the one that is postulated to have formed the Moon). Whether this relationship arose by chance or is the result of tidal locking with the Earth, is unknown. Either Venus or Earth seems most likely, but that darned chaos is playing merry hell with the simulation. You can blame poverty, religion or whatever but it all boils down to the fact that we are a warrior people and, here’s the kicker, especially the more money we have. These infections are most often the result from the direct extension of the paranasal sinusitis. Also, if a minor signs an agreement, becomes an adult, and does not revoke the contract within a State-defined period of time after becoming an adult, the contract is considered assumed by the now-adult. Probes have also shown that Neptune and Uranus formed between the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn. If the Aztecs had conquered Spain and not the other way around we all would have said that they rotate clockwise. The point is, either way you look at it, the spin is the same all the time except for a few exceptions. The only way survive the system’s demise is to find new worlds that can support our biology. The risk of serious complications such as blindness, thrombosis of the cavernous sinuses or extension to intracranial structures requires prompt diagnosis, appropriate antibiotic therapy and often a surgical drainage procedure.
Preseptal (periorbital) cellulitis, subperiosteal abscess and orbital cellulitis due to sinusitis.
Even in something as well-studied as our Solar System, we still have plenty of unexplained mysteries.
It was the gravitational action of these two massive bodies that kicked them out to their current orbits.
We report the case of an 11 year-old female patient who presented an orbital abscess secondary to maxillary sinusitis of dental origin.
Understanding our own solar system is the first step to understanding the rest of the universe. The treatment combined antibiotics and drainage procedure with a good evolution.a€?We focus throughout this case report on the seriousness of orbital infections and the dramatic consequences of delayed diagnosis and treatment. La propagation A  la€™orbite des infections dentaires peut se faire par plusieurs voies [5]. Always love to have someone wagging their finger in the face of one of our most important groups in the long run…scientists, astronomers specifically.

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