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In a handful of years, a lanky, white rapper from the Bay Area whose real name is Gerald has become one of the biggest, best-selling hip-hop artists in the country. G-Eazy has sold out multiple thousand-capacity rooms on tour and in some cities, even arenas. If you’re not familiar with G-Eazy, he looks like he just stepped out of a DeLorean that just sped out of 1955 at 88 miles per hour. His rise cannot be too closely compared to another modern-era rap success story, Macklemore, as not only does their music sound very different, but G-Eazy is now signed to RCA records, a very major label.
But that cocktail is what goes down the smoothest in today’s market, and G-Eazy, plus the management, publicists, and assistants surrounding him, all know that. With catchy, well-crafted hooks that can go from repeated rap lines to full-on pop bombast with featured singers, as well as a clean, crisp rapping style, where each syllable is clearly enunciated, G-Eazy knows what works for his brand when it comes to the product.

Anyone familiar with the classic sitcom Happy Days would guess he’s a descendant of Fonzie, complete with slicked back, parted hair and an all black, zipper-heavy leather jacket. The G-Eazy machine is an exemplary, calculated case study in how to succeed as an independent (and eventually major label) rap act in the modern era.
He’s performed on national television multiple times, from the late night circuit to morning news shows. His early work reflects this 50’s-centric look in the music itself, with early mixtapes like The Outsider and The Endless Summer (both from 2011) sampling pop hits from that era on nearly every single track. The rapper and his team found an image that stood out from the pack, built on that aesthetic while broadening his musical palette, and then took the necessary steps up the proverbial ladder to separate himself from his peers and join the ranks he likely had his sights on from the beginning. This meteoric rise from middle-of-the-road, niche indie rapper to major label-backed juggernaut in only 2 years and some change is extraordinary, especially in today’s musical climate.

His 2016 tour supporting his sophomore album had another big name artist who used connections as leverage, A$AP Ferg, as main support.
As you can see on his old blog with posts dating back to 2009, Gerald has undergone a few stylistic changes over the years. And it certainly took some tweaking to Young Gerald’s image, a huge marketing push, and, of course, a ton of hard work.

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