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Mexico's goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa makes a save during the group A World Cup soccer match between Brazil and Mexico at the Arena Castelao in Fortaleza, Brazil, Tuesday, June 17, 2014. Guillermo Ochoa, the starting goalie for the Mexican national team, made many impressive saves against Brazil on June 17.
Ochoa, who shut out Cameroon in El Tri’s first match on June 12, was a much-needed backbone for Mexico against the powerful Brazilian squad.
A particularly impressive save came after Neymar delivered a header to the left side of the goal. Using the new goal line technology, which enables replays, it was shown that Ochoa dove toward the ball and swiped it just before it crossed the goal line. The poll shows Clinton leading Trump 56 percent to 20 percent among voters under the age of 35. The poll also found that 50 percent of voters under the age of 35 are supportive of the Democratic Party, with only 20 percent supportive of the Republican Party, and 17 percent independent. The McClatchy poll showed Trump’s favorability rating with young millennials at a paltry 13 percent, which is worse than his favorability rating among Latinos of all ages (25 percent) and just above his favorability rating with liberals (10 percent). The methodology of this particular McClatchy poll allows for a higher margin of error than normal, but the numbers still tell a damning story about Trump’s flailing candidacy among millennials. Multiple polls throughout this election cycle have shown young people reacting negatively to Trump.
I read a paper recently that made the case that intelligence is going up while crime is coming down largely due to the elimination of lead from our environment.
Where it got REALLY bad was when distilled liquors like Gin became popular and people were drinking from lead cups or ceramics that were glazed with lead compounds. But unfortunately, hardship and tragedy seems to pass over the worst of America’s most hideous politicians. This is the death of the republican party, As the boomers age out, there are fewer and fewer young to replace them, and their numbers will dwindle at an ever increasing rate. As the death rattles get louder, they will get bolder and more desperate to innovate new and more effective ways to diminish the power of the citizen vote. They keep obstructing and they keep winning doing NOTHING with all the leadership power they’ve cheated to gain.
Both the campaigns of Clinton and Trump are in agreement that infrastructure can turn up the economy. Studies have shown that if people do not actively work to keep their brains working they lose cells as they age. And passively watching TV (like Fox) and enthusiastically nodding their heads accelerates the decline in cognitive function.

She also said that when a guest starts hanging in the Fox room, they undergo a major personality change.
I live in an area that has a LOT of retirees, and you can tell the ones who watch Fox just by body language and attitude. Meanwhile the smart phone: the I-Phone particularly, is sucking the brain of millions of Americans! And if you want to see how powerful the addiction is checkout YouTube for a trove of videos of kids beating the crap out of their teachers for trying to separate them from their cell phones. While in Oman, I noticed many Omanis glued to their iphones wherever I went in Musqat and Salalah as a tourist. The author I cited describes the benefits of reading over information-gathering via TV, and reading of books in paper form rather than reading primarily from tablets. Something else I had never really noticed until a friend pointed it out, is that Fox viewers tend to become more reclusive over time. Maybe, it’s because of the experiences they have had to acquire to balance out a more intractable nature of men, which in turn my be due to the evolutionary need of men to be aggressive to protect the family unit and the larger group(tribe, social community, etc). Tell these young people that they can find Pokemon characters at the polls on November 8, and they’ll be there. Supposedly, which means I read it on the Internet, the Clinton campaign was using Pokemon Go spots, like Pokemon gyms, as locations for voter’s registration tables.
This showing is fueled, in part, by many millennial Bernie Sanders supporters finally flocking to Hillary Clinton. A McClatchy Poll released last week actually shows Trump trailing behind both third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein among voters under the age of 30. In July, a GenView poll found that more than two thirds of respondents between 18 and 30 years old thought that Trump was racist, including six out of 10 white respondents.
The statistics seem irrefutable that lead posinoning from paint and cars (before unleaded gas) greatly influenced our crime rate. I’m thinking a boiling lead enema just to establish the right hand anchor point of the bell curve. I only wish more people were as discerning and took a stand against the racism and violence advocated by Trump and his Trumpies. They will become a rump party in the same way cancer cells reside in all our DNA just waiting for the trigger event before it becomes a disease. Not all boomers have lost the ability to use their brains but those that have not used their brains are starting to. The erosion of support for Trump is not limited to young people, who are, indeed, distancing themselves from Trump as far as they can get.

For one thing: The German Federal Investigations Bureau has published a study saying that the average crime rate is far lower in immigrants than it is in the general population. I have a friend who runs an assisted living facility, and she told me they had to open a separate dayroom for the Fox news crowd. I think that Fox is literally killing off it’s viewer base by way of slow mental poisoning that just eats away at them.
And reading from the tablet in the dark prior to sleep interrupts the sleep pattern, with long-term harmful effects on the brain. A while back, I remarked that we hadn’t seen this one fellow in a while, and wondered how he was doing.
I may be a bit biased by saying this, but most women are wiser than men for some unknown reason. Each gender, according to evolution and societal needs, developed certain attributes more fully that the other.
Each has to develop the ability to function in both spheres(in the home and outside of it), but for now, primacy of being the first educator remains a unique right of women.
This is in direct opposition to Clinton’s numbers among young voters, which indicate that after the DNC she seems more presidential. Young voters have responded by rejecting Trump’s violent rhetoric and moving away from his campaign. And we know why the Roman Empire collapsed–lead poisoning from lead pipes that carried water to homes. When they had a single dayroom, the Fox people would try to hog the TV set, and would start all kinds of fights with anyone who wanted to watch something else or disagreed with them. But now is the time for men to develop more fully what was neglected and for women to acquire more fully capabilities denied them because of gender bias and the necessities of former eras in humanity’s development, thus allowing women to serve in a greater role in the full functioning of society, and not be seen as belonging strictly in the home. Worse was the fact that lead salts were used as sweetening agents (mostly in wines) and women’s makeup until the 17th century. Everywhere I look I see Boomers, otherwise rational people, who prefer Trump and have no idea why. She says that the constant agitation they get from Fox just burns them out, and for the most part, within six months, they wind up in another facility, and then it’s just a downward slide from there.
This started a discussion, and we realized that a lot of people who had dropped out of our social circles had done so because they were no longer comfortable in a setting that contained a diversity of opinions.

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