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Shifting your S-curve: Winning in business once is not enough even if you score big you can’t rest on your laurels. In the article Reinvent Your Business by Paul Nunes and Tim Breene write: Companies that successfully reinvent themselves have one trait in common. Invading Personal Space, Boundary, Privacy-- Workplace, Social, Home-- Get Out of My Face: How Close is too Close? End of Moore's Law-- It Propelled Silicon Valley as 'Mecca' of Technology for 50 Years: Is It Really Dead? New Face of Internet Governance-- Managed Transition, Decisions, Organized Chaos: Who Governs? Rise of On-Demand Economy-- Reshaping Nature of Business, Uber-ization of Work: Great Gigs Vs.
Currency Manipulation, Intervention-- Big Deal with World Teetering on Currency War: Or, Red Herring In Trade Debate? Art of the Pivot-- Shift in Strategy to Reposition the Business: Mapping a New Path-- Course Correction.
As I shared with you last week, the companies that are successful at long-term growth are the ones that find a new “S” curve for their business, according to Dave Power of Power Strategy, the speaker at our upcoming Growth Strategies Breakfast next Friday, the 16th.  Whether it’s a new product, a new way of doing things, a new business model – in the long run, innovation wins! First, they have regular recurring revenue – which is always a great model, especially for increasing your valuation.
Second, YOU as their customer put all of your customer data in THEIR product.  Very sticky product and customer relationship. All of the software upgrades are done in their shop and they notify people with “Here’s a new feature” and it’s done. Now, everyone’s doing it.  They changed the paradigm – and successfully navigated the “S” curve!
But here’s the big question:  How do you know that the changes that you make will be successful?  How do you know the new model will work? Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?  Want to hear some other examples?  And get a few practical tools to do this type of strategic thinking and positioning in your business?
About CEO Think Tank®CEO Think Tank® is a CEO and Senior Executive peer group that fosters business growth through proven methodologies, tools, advisory services, and personal accountability in a confidential and supportive setting.

Be the first to know about our new events, public workshops, newsletters, white papers, and blog! The S Curve is a well known project management tool and it consists in "a display of cumulative costs, labour hours or other quantities plotted against time".The name derives from the S-like shape of the curve, flatter at the beginning and end and steeper in the middle, because this is the way most of the projects look like. The S curve can be considered as an indicator and it's used for many applications related to project management such as: target, baseline, cost, time etc. Engineering change management is a component of project management that can help you minimize cost and increase benefits. The idea is that the adoption of a novel technology often starts slowly, then accelerates rapidly as the technology gets perfected, and then tails off as the technology becomes mainstream.
The problem, of course, is that by fiddling with dates, scale, or detail, you can fit any technological phenomenon into a convenient s-curve. The really interesting phenomenon here is how popular electric cars were in the early decades of the 20th century. If we overlay a graph of the adoption of hybrid gas-electric vehicles onto this history, we can begin to explain the resurgence of electric vehicles in the early 21st century. Finally, we could overlay all of this with an s-curve that seems to neatly capture the phenomenon.
Depending on how you chose your endpoints, you can always construct a picture of accelerating adoption. This seems to support the idea that the adoption period of the iPod was much shorter than that of the phonograph.
The point is, again, that you can force this history into a s-curve that supports whatever argument you want about the course and pace of technological development.
In The Computer Boys Take Over, historian Nathan Ensmenger traces the rise to power of the computer expert in modern American society. His rich and nuanced portrayal of the men and women (a surprising number of the “computer boys” were, in fact, female) who built their careers around the novel technology of electronic computing explores issues of power, identity, and expertise that have only become more significant to our increasingly computerized society.
You must rack up repeated victories in the market, one right after the other… Otherwise, you become a has-been, just another business that sparkled brightly before flaming out. The EconomistThe watchers August 18, 2016FINANCIAL statements are both infrequent and backwards-looking, so getting a sense for how a business is performing in the present can be nearly impossible.

For example MS Project does not have this possibility so a third party software application is needed to process the Baseline and Production Schedule data and generate the needed S Curve.( for example S Curve Generator that integrates with MS EXcel to generate S Curves).
They have been criticized not only for their uncritical and misleading use of data, but also the way in which they approached the process of making corrections to the original article. In many ways, it would be hard to find a more conventional piece of “wisdom.” It is true that their reliance on Youtube videos allegedly showing how children today cannot figure out what a Sony Walkman might be for is particularly anecdotal (“kids say the darndest things!”), but if you were to ask the proverbial man or woman on the street about technology this is pretty much exactly what they would say.
But this is because the Sony Walkman had already done all the work — social, economic, etc. This has been the fate of many once-successful companies that got to the top but couldn’t stay there.
In essence, they turn conventional wisdom on its head and learn to focus on fixing what doesn’t yet appear to be broken… Making a commitment to reinvention before the need is glaringly obvious doesn’t come naturally.
Things often look rosiest just before a company heads into decline: Revenues from the current business model are surging, profits are robust, and the company stock commands a hefty premium. But these products exist solely because their makers saw real demand for products that did not yet exist. Products, technologies, industries go through life cycles just as people do, and business strategies have to change at each stage of the life cycle for a business to continue to grow and dominate its markets. The S-curve allows businesses to predict the rise-fall of new product life cycles within their market-industry.
The best way to defy terrorists, and keep businesses going, is to resume normal routines.That’s a fine ambition. People have distinct bias to predict trends using straight lines, when growth clearly occurs exponentially– until natural limits set in causing it to taper. The sensors, cameras and software already steering the wheels of some of the world’s lorries, in place of drivers, are regarded as a similarly malign power by truckers fearing replacement by technology.

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