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Once you have completed your registration please come on in and introduce your self in our Introduction forum. Biology: Forms groups that typically consist of several males and 30 or more females and juveniles. Reproduction of any portion of this website's content is strictly forbidden without written permission.
Natural History: Bartlett's Anthias is found on reef slopes and dropoffs, generally in groups of several males and dozens of females. Husbandry: Bartlett's Anthias is considered a hardy aquarium species and should be housed in a tank with live rock. If you are interested in learning about reefkeeping or have a problem with your reef, our reefkeeping community is here to help.

We have left open the door for you to browse around and check out the site, but we would realy love you to register with us and join in our community, its all free and we have the largest database on the internet to help you be successful.
Also forms aggregations with the Pseudanthias dispar, Luzonichthys whitleyi, Lepidozygus tapeinosoma and the Ecsenius midas. Males are violet with a yellow band starting just behind the eye, running along the back and onto the upper caudal lobe.
All these species have similar coloration of yellow dorsally and pink ventrally when associating together (social mimicry). It's very peaceful with my Yellow Tang, Bicolor Angel, Maroon Clown and only occasionally chases my Chromis in a playful way, with no harm. Write based on your personal experiences, with no abbreviations, no chat lingo, and using proper punctuation and capitalization.

Besides being a great resource for all levels of reef aquarium hobbyists, CaptiveReefs is a social experience that will enhance your enjoyment of reefkeeping. If a dominant male perishes, the largest female of the group will often morph to take its place.

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