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Originally Posted By Gabriel82: I have a Spec 22 that I bought from Volunteer Ordnance Works.
Originally Posted By JKrammes: I think the Gemtech Outback II is the best value you can get.
I've been doing tons of research on suppressors lately as I'm looking at getting my first can. You're already up to $500 with the stamp on the Coastal, spend the cash and get a 223 can out of it as well for an extra $200.
The new 22Sparrow is the way to go for all around suppression and unsurpassed user serviceability. Spend the extra $$$ and get a Silencerco Sparrow or Gemtech Alpine, something that is able to be taken apart but also has a way to keep the baffles from sticking to the inner wall of your serialized tube. Of course, all the dollar costing goes out the window if the M&P 22 does not provide a good, comparable shooting experience to shooting my 9mm, so the day I after I bought it, I headed to my local indoor gun range Sim-Trainer for some testing. I didn’t measure precisely, but you can gauge that pretty well by looking at the photos.
I bought a M&P 22 a month ago and have had some failure to feed problems, mostly on the first round.
Smith & Wesson's line of Rimfire revolvers is the perfect choice for competition, plinking and small game hunting.

Saying get a 5.56 can to me sounds like he's saying to get a halo or m42k which you and I would both agree is not the best choice. My YHM Mite is now a sealed can and I will be getting a Sparrow or Alpine to replace it as it fills up. 10 for most other competitors) and is more reliable with a wider range of .22LR ammunition.  Definitely check it out! I had some problems with failure to feed on the first round and also it won’t work when I load a round in the chamber and have 12 rounds in the magazine. I have found one of these at a local dealer and have found nothing but good reviews on the gun itself. 22, 5.7, 223 full auto rated, solid steel, and it can be disassembled at home for cleaning.
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I saw your other review on the Dawson Precison sights and will be getting some of those as well. Wanted one for years, but I could never bring myself to spend that much money on an accessory (when I could get another gun). This will make my wife very happy and will allow me to go to the range more often with less resistance. My hope is that this will allow me to maintain a high degree of proficiency while still shooting about 150 rounds of 9mm per month (50 rounds in each weapon).

I took off the base plate and took off a little piece of black plastic that was on it and made it a twelve round. I was told by the dealer that this would work well for a beginner in competitive steels shooter, but would love your thoughts after reading this review i can tell your knowledge is vast in the shooting world. I think this is a common problem that people have 22plinkster on youtube did a review and had the same issue. The other reason I bought this weapon is because a friend has a Ruger MKII 22LR and he says they are very difficult to disassemble and clean. However, given all of the feeding problems, I still love the overall feel and shout ability of the gun. I bought it a year ago and finally sent it away for some work because it was a jam-O-matic (with all six mags).
I've got one of the early models without the flash-hider, so I'll need to have it threaded. What can(s) do you guys recommend for this thing (keep in mind I'd really like to go cheap, but I want it to work)?

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