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Equity Clock provides free stock research and analysis on individual equities in the market to aid your stock investing picks. These Criminals have already promised us (again and again) that this crime will never end – not until they are finished. The last time the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and NASDAQ all hit record highs, the markets went into free fall.
Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. I wonder how many shorts piled on just so that old Yeller can give them the sharp poker up the rear.
Once this is realized, everything else (like the 0.01% wealth skyrocketing by front-running the Fed) makes sense.
None of this is about mom and pop, as TPTB have so amply demonstrated they don't care about them. It would be a great book, explaining exactly how they do it, what players were involved, where the money chain came from. I'd venture to guess that absent this "invisible hand", the SP500 would still be below 1,000. I think it's connected to HFT in the sense that the statistical properties of the market are monitored and reacted to.

Automatic purchases of major index stocks whenever volumes are low to create a gentle push up, and then the timed surges so well documented by ZH that drive the market up as well. With guaranteed 401k flows, pomo, and other various pensions timing mechanisms, this will always work.
Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. I also suspect that when the selling starts it would not stop without this helpful "invisible hand". As I mentioned in last week’s market outlook, the week did have a strong ending similar to the 2011 analog.
And if correlations play out again, this upcoming week should start strongly but sellers may sell strength towards the middle to end of the week.As expected, the month of September was soft and here we’re off to the races in October but not without some surprises.
A lot of constructive action to end last week with the MACD crossing up on many stock market indices (on shorter timeframes). With corporate earnings starting next week, the question is:  will 3rd Quarter earnings derail the rally that we are seeing? One important factor though is that the rate hike which the Fed has been talking about will likely be put off for quite some time.Enough said, the Economic Calendar is not as heavy as last week but there are a few releases that could get the markets on edge again.
There are others releases as well, such as PMI Services Index, ISM Non-Mfg Index, MBA Mortgage application etc.

It was not totally oversold but was at a place where it has retraced higher and it did move higher. Friday dropped lower again but mid-day move above 0 line and stayed positive to end at 20.84. If I am not wrong the highest TICK was 1441 and there were quite a few +1000s in the afternoon. The TRIN indicator, which was elevated pretty much during first half of the week, trended lower on Thursday and Friday.
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