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But the Center for Immigration Studies finds that the new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis of the legislation confirms that the bill will almost completely fail in this regard. One of the reasons that illegal immigration will remain so high, according to CBO, is the bill itself will encourage illegal immigration. The Center for Immigration Studies is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit research organization founded in 1985. Over the past 237 years, America struggled with its most burdensome problem: race relations. While white racism dominated this country for the past 237 years since the birth of this Constitutional Republic, today European-Americans barely hold parity with Hispanics.
Once a particular ethnic group becomes dominate in numbers, it becomes dominate in language.
The current Senate Bill 744, giving complete amnesty to 12 to 20 million illegal aliens, assures that the United States of America will become a bilingual society if not trilingual with Arabic making greater and greater inroads into our society. The one great falsity of S744 stems from the fact that Spanish speakers will gain such greater numbers that they will push for language equity with English speakers. ProEnglish, the nation’s leading official English advocacy group, announced today it is launching a radio ad campaign in South Carolina to expose the fact that contrary to Sen. The fact remains that America cannot withstand nor will it survive two or more major languages competing for dominance.
Senate Bill 744, if it passes, will become the death knell of the United States of America.
Frosty Wooldridge has bicycled across six continents – from the Arctic to the South Pole – as well as eight times across the USA, coast to coast and border to border. Enter your email address to subscribe to CHO and receive notifications of new articles by email.
A couple of years ago I wrote a piece comparing citizens to the story of being able to cook a frog without it jumping out of the pot if you slowly raise the temperature until it is cooked. This latest assault on American society is a message the open border congressional people think Americans, like frogs, are cooked and ready to accept unfettered immigration and turn the country into a market place for business to churn through ever more millions of immigrants keeping labor costs down but societal costs skyrocketing driving us ever deeper into third world status. What is also promised are millions more legal immigrants as far in the distance ahead as you can imagine.
If this legislation does pass as presented then our move to a dual language society will be a done deal.
What is even more revealing is of the legal Mexican immigrants, the largest immigrant group in the country, only 33% of those have ever become naturalized citizens.
S744 was over 1500 pages and was whittled down to over 800 pages of legal language and if that doesn’t smack of the Obamacare bill what does?
We educate a good percentage of the advanced degree people from around the world here in the country and many are Americans yet the bill calls for passing out green cards at graduation to keep foreigners here. There you have it folks in a few statements by our junior senator following in the footsteps of our first Cuban senator Mel Martinez who ran in 2004 opposing amnesty to get elected as Rubio did. I used facts from Pew Hispanic Research, Migration Policy Institute, Center For Immigration Studies, Numbers USA, and FAIR in this column. 2.  Os Register Provisional Immigrant (RPI) serao  autorizados a trabalhar nos Estados Unidos? By Mike Scruggs- Marco Rubio was a co-sponsor of Senate Bill S.744, also known as the Schumer-Rubio bill and the Gang-of-Eight Bill, which bore the attractive sounding but dishonest title of “The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Bill. The bill was over 180,000 words on more than 2,000 pages, long enough and confusing enough to deter a thorough reading of it. The bill claimed by means of very shallow fiscal and absurd economic analysis that it would produce real growth and prosperity for all Americans. The independent Heritage Foundation, however, costed the bill out to 50 years to cover some of the ongoing Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid costs, revealing heavy fiscal deficits going beyond the 10-year CBO analysis. There are several other substantial analytical “errors” in S.744 that are highly deceptive.
In addition, there is a second major part of S.744 that would devastate the wellbeing of American workers and the middleclass. Harvard labor economist George Borjas has found that businesses who use legal and illegal foreign labor profit $437 Billion per year from its lower costs.
How is it that Marco Rubio and other Republican Establishment candidates want to flood the American labor market with millions of new legal and illegal immigrant workers, when so many Americans cannot find jobs and are suffering economically?
Candidates for Congress must have lots of money to run big media campaigns, and campaign money is hard to get, unless you cooperate with the Chamber of Commerce and the big donor cabal. Comprehensive immigration reform that allows undocumented immigrants to fully contribute to our families and communities honors America’s history as a nation of immigrants and the biblical call to welcome the stranger. Creation of a new “registered provisional immigrant” (RPI) status for eligible undocumented immigrants. RPI status would require applicants to have been present in the United States since December 31, 2011.  People in removal proceedings and those with deportation orders would be able to apply.
Immigrants granted RPI status would be allowed to petition for RPI status for their spouse and children, provided these family members were present in the United States before December 30, 2012 and were present on the date their relative was granted RPI status.
Young undocumented immigrants known as “DREAMers” who were brought to the United States as children and who would benefit from the DREAM Act would have an expedited path to citizenship, as would certain undocumented agricultural workers. Coordinated federal efforts would be made to strengthen integration of new Americans into communities and to assist those who aspire to become U.S. LIRS is concerned that criteria to achieve and maintain lawful status may pose significant challenges.
Financial obligations for aspiring citizens would include processing fees, back taxes and taxes due while in RPI status, and $2,000 in fines over the course of the 13-year period. The RPI status application period would open only after Department of Homeland Security plans commence to increase border security. People with certain criminal convictions, including for some minor offenses and for crimes that occurred many years ago, would be ineligible for RPI status. You can keep tabs on the latest immigration reform developments by reading our Monday updates from Hill experts.
CBO states, "aspects of the bill would probably increase the number of unauthorized residents – in particular, people overstaying their visas issued under the new programs for temporary workers"(page 23). Like much in the CBO report, the discussion of future illegal immigration is not particularly clear. But how those costs are calculated is not clearly explained, so they are difficult to evaluate.
Lamm, on October 3, 2003, said, “If you believe that America is too smug, too self-satisfied, too rich, then let’s destroy America. Lindsey Graham’s repeated claims, the comprehensive immigration bill he and the members of the “Gang of Eight” recently introduced in the Senate has no requirement that illegal immigrants learn English. Graham’s immigration bill that requires illegal immigrants to demonstrate any knowledge of English to qualify for amnesty, or to retain their legal status throughout their entire lives,” said Vandervoort. 107, other copyrighted work is provided for educational purposes, research, critical comment, or debate without profit or payment.

Congress and the executive branch have been doing the same thing for decades regarding immigration to our citizenry. The fact 90,000,000 Americans are no longer in the workforce is completely ignored by the gang of eight! In 1986 congress promised to protect the border, mandate E-Verify and to never ask for another amnesty.
China and India beware we are looking to move from number three in world population to number one if these guys get their way.
These people are setting up their own barrios within our borders and aren’t interested in assimilation. The message is we aren’t supplying enough smart people to the Tech world so we have to import talent. Then Martinez led the charge to get it passed three years later and Rubio is right on schedule.
Schell   atualmente localizado em New York, promove a reforma das leis de imigracao e defende os direitos dos imigrantes, hoje ela responde a perguntas dos leitores do  BP sobre o Senado Bill S. O incidente foi relatado por volta das 3h35 am de segunda-feira no Parque da Independencia, onde a policia foi chamada a cena por relatos de roubo em andamento. Porrino, anunciou que um medico e outros sete reus foram acusados por um grande juri de operarem um ponto de droga ilegalmente distribuidos, sendo dezenas de milhares de pilulas de alta dosagem de oxicodona, um analgesico viciante. This article cannot cover the enormous potential for concealment and deception in such massive unread tomes.
The bill had an elaborate scheme for phasing in its amnesty provisions, so that most of the costs would occur after the ten-year analysis time frame usually used by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), although it would create an increasing stream of deficit spending on immigrant services and welfare that would last for several generations.
Their cost estimate was $6.3 Trillion, or an average of $126 Billion per year through 2063.
The major costs of illegal immigration are borne by state and local governments, as would be the cost of amnesty. According to Senator Sessions and NumbersUSA, S.744 authorized more than 30 million MORE permanent legal (Green Card) workers to be imported and hired in the next decade. This is at the expense of $402 Billion to approximately 137 million middleclass and blue collar workers, or about $2,700 per year per American worker. They have spent $1.5 Billion on lobbying and bribing Congress since the failed Bush-McCain-Kennedy amnesty and foreign worker surge bill in 2007. Electing Republican Establishment and media favorite Marco Rubio President would be utter folly. This bill, known as S.744 or the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, would overhaul our current immigration system. Proposed changes by senators on the Judiciary Committee will be voted on during a series of hearings in the month of May.
Details of our analysis are available now on our website, and we are releasing the analyses on our blog over the course of this week. People granted RPI status would be authorized to work and travel outside the United States. For example, those using the roadmap to citizenship would be excluded from federal public benefit programs including food stamps and affordable health care. RPI status holders may not apply for LPR status until border security, workforce verification, and visa tracking benchmarks are met. Thus, the projected slight fall off in illegal immigration (25%) is scored as a positive by CBO, no matter how large the actual costs of new illegal immigrants and their children.
However, CBO does state, "the net annual flow of unauthorized residents would decrease by about 25 percent relative to what would occur under current law, resulting in a reduction in the U.S. It is the intention of the Center for Immigration Studies to evaluate these cost estimates in future publications. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for your own purposes beyond the 'fair use' exception, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.
Now insert 2013 where 1986 is in the previous sentence as well as mandating E-Verify and you have the gist of S744. Those in Washington are now dealing in trillions so the idea of a billion or more population is no big deal. The truth is only 40% of the three million illegal aliens granted amnesty in 1986 bothered to become naturalized citizens quite content with have having permanent legal status. You might say we are importing ghettos since the large majority of the legal and illegal immigrants are uneducated, unskilled and non-English speaking. The point not mentioned is keeping those people here deprives their own country of the talent. Martinez failed and if Rubio fails perhaps we can get him to resign before his term ends as Martinez did so someone looking out for Floridian interests can replace him it will be good.
Com esta autorizacao, o aplicante podera  trabalhar para qualquer empregador e viagens fora dos Estados Unidos por periodos  de tempo limitado. 744 aborda alguns motivos que tem impedido muitos imigrantes a receber  a residencia permanente nos Estados Unidos nos termos da lei vigente. Whether they cover healthcare, as in Obamacare, or immigration as in the Schumer-Rubio bill, such huge comprehensive bills are prone to be written by and for special interest lawyers and lobbyists and to be contrary to public interests and fiscal discipline. Senator Jeff Sessions (R) of Alabama, Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, objected that once the deceptively costed bill was passed, the usual scheme to pass another bill simply moving up the time table would take place, fooling the public and taxpayers on the full cost of legislation once again. It would have been higher if the legalization phases were implemented earlier, as would have been inevitable once the bill had passed.
Our current legal immigration flow is slightly over 1.0 million per year or 12 million in a decade. Furthermore, increased legal and illegal immigration has suppressed American wages and job opportunities. According to Senator Sessions’ Subcommittee Chart Book, January 2016, real median household income in the U.S. A modest amount of it is tasty and beneficial, but an overindulgence of it is gastronomical folly. Is appallingly shallow and misleading analysis of legislation for the benefit of special interests acceptable for a potential Commander-in-Chief?
It includes numerous improvements to our immigration laws that would benefit migrants, refugees, their families and communities, and our nation. Next, the amended bill will move to the floor of the Senate where it will be subjected to additional debate and voting. Today, we take an in-depth look at the creation of a roadmap to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.
It would be possible to renew RPI status after six years.  After 10 years, those in RPI status could seek to become lawful permanent residents (LPRs). The number of U visas granted to migrant survivors of violence who assist in law enforcement efforts would be increased. And even then all they have to show is that they have enrolled in an English-as-a-second-language (ESL) class,” he said.

If you get a chance read “Mexifornia” by Victor Davis Hanson which paints the future look of America from when he grew up in California. Senado, fornece um caminho para a cidadania para os imigrantes indocumentados  nos Estodos Unidos?
Alem disso, aqueles que receberem a RPI, poderao  aplicar para o seu conjuge e filhos, desde que eles vivem em oEstados Unidos. Os  DREAMers estarao isentos de pagar a multa R $ 2.000,00 exigido dos outros que solicitam o estatuto RPI. Furthermore, the bill’s economic claims and analytical assumptions are so unwarranted as to be transparent balderdash. On ridiculously rosy projections, contrasting all prior experience, the CBO came out with a favorable budget projection.
Another enormous analytical error assumed that increased numbers of immigrant workers increase general prosperity.
Memorizing one minute streams of patriotic and emotion packed bromides is impressive, but does it make up for the thoughtless disregard for American workers and their families that Marco Rubio has demonstrated in his amnesty and legal immigration surge bill?
LIRS applauds these improvements, but also decries changes made by the legislation that would divide some immigrant families. Finally, S.744 must either be adopted by the House of Representatives or be reconciled with any competing immigration reforms put forward by that chamber. See also our analyses for family-based immigration, refugees and other vulnerable migrants, detention and access to justice, and detention. People granted temporary protected status (TPS) or who have been permitted to remain in the United States through deferred enforced departure (DED) could apply for RPI status or seek LPR status through the new merit-based immigration system. Their own analysis showed, however, that most Americans would suffer lower wages and lower employment opportunities, while the benefactors would be the businesses that hire cheap foreign labor, legal or illegal. From 2000 to 2014, foreign born workers increased by 5.7 million, and the number of native born workers decreased 127,000. In 1987, he was one of the House members, who succeeded in undermining the enforcement provisions of the 1986 amnesty. According to an in depth analysis by the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform (FAIR), the CBO also used a transfer of Social Security and Medicare legerdemain to make S.744 look fiscally acceptable. If they really did such a transfer, it would drive Social Security and Medicare bankrupt at an earlier date than now projected. But Senator Rubio and several other establishment Republican Presidential candidates favor piling in more foreign labor. Adding at least $126 Billion per year in welfare and services for amnestied illegal immigrants will bankrupt Social Security and Medicare soon enough.
Rubio, McCain, Flake, Lindsey Graham, and Paul Ryan have the audacity to tell us there is a labor shortage. Soros and allies have funded open border advocacy in Europe, the yield of which, we believe, is in daily news stories of escalating chaos, debt, and violence. There is a labor surplus engineered by crony-capitalists and lobbyists buying Congressional votes. 744, immediately.Further, fellow “evangelical leaders” and I are disappointed because we were asked by Jim Wallis’s “Evangelical Immigration Table” (of the Soros-funded National Immigration Forum) to sign on to biblical principles, not to endorse a specific piece of legislation (S. Soros and colleagues, some of the world’s largest Progressive and politically partisan donors (Open Society Institute and the Ford, Rockefeller, Tides, Carnegie foundations), and their National Immigration Forum, were behind the “Evangelical Immigration Table” and its enormous messaging campaign. For these reasons we now write in the hope of Christian and American wakefulness, unity and courage.The Bible and Immigration God loves us all, the sojourner and the citizen. No matter where we find ourselves on this curious blue planet, the Bible tells our “citizenship is in heaven.” We are all, in a sense, sojourners or “resident aliens” in this life. At the same time, He has purposefully placed us in this century, and into families, tribes and nations. There are other foreigners, however, such as the Boston-based Tsarnaev brothers, and others who do not mean to come as blessing, who do not belong in America. Scripture teaches discernment, as does the brilliant economist, Thomas Sowell:Not only the United States, but the Western world in general, has been discovering the hard way that admitting people with incompatible cultures is an irreversible decision with incalculable consequences. If we do not see that after recent terrorist attacks on the streets of Boston and London, when will we see it? We want to nurture a nation that would welcome our children as well as the well-intended sojourner.That would mean making distinctions.
God commanded Israel to be kind to the sojourner.  In other words, Hoffmeier continues, biblical “… verses about sojourners refer to legal immigrants into the country. Senate begins voting on yet another massive tome of mysterious legislation that few have actually read — immigration bill S. 744.  It’s passage would allow 11 million illegal immigrants to become citizens in the short-term, with likely an additional 20 million family members as new citizens within about a decade. 744 will be in the trillions of dollars.  This net cost is in addition to our current seventeen trillion dollars of national debt ($17,000,000,000,000). 744 is ideologically and politically driven, and not motivated by compassion for, and justice to, actual human beings. Given the gross injustices to American citizens this year such as the Boston terrorist bombing, NSA and DOJ privacy invasions of citizens and media, IRS harassment of Constitutional and Christian conservatives, and unaccountable spending which raises ours debt and tax load making more Americans poor, I’m curious why Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is in such a hurry to prioritize and pass “comprehensive immigration reform” in the form of S. 744.  Perhaps the White House and Congress should first focus on getting our own fiscal house in order before making hollow promises to millions of illegal immigrants who are not-yet-citizens. Apparently most of our Senators have not read the bill in its entirety.  Nor have citizens read the bill as we try to make ends meet, raise children and be good neighbors. The burden of distrust is squarely on the shoulders of Congress, the White House and our federal agencies.  Consider this an opportunity to rebuild trust. This is no time for another mystery bill that will forever change the nation we love and have the duty to steward.  This issue is important but it is not a crisis. 744 bill itself, and to kindly consider the citizens of the United States whom they are elected to represent. No more obfuscation — let your words mean something real.The very last thing that our nation needs is another massive, cryptic, game-changing piece of legislation forced upon us that will forever reshape the moral, cultural, economic and political future of our nation. Just as Paul taught the Church (1 Timothy 5) to delineate among widows for whom the Church should provide, we are called to discern among  “sojourners” (like Ruth and Rahab who intend to assimilate and bless) and “foreigners” (who do not intend to assimilate and bless) and to welcome the former with hospitality.
Senate now has the opportunity to rebuild confidence that citizens have lost concerning the competence of our legislative branch. In addition to his own writing and speaking, Bill helps other people and organizations tell their own story in effective ways. He comes alongside authors as a collaborative writer, handcrafts engaging materials as a content creator, and creates an effective brand strategy as a platform developer with his team of creatives and digital technicians.

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