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I partitioned my Windows 8 hard drive into two with one partition being about 30 gigs and the other partition being about 270 gigs. Although Windows 8 Disk Management provides extend and shrink volume features, you may find extend volume greyed out.
As Partition Magic alternative, AOMEI partition software is easy to use yet comprehensive partition manager software and disk management tool for Windows-based systems. Right click on the partition (herea€™s D) you want to reduce size and select a€?Resize Partitiona€?. In the pop-up window, position the mouse pointer on the left handle and drag the slider bar rightwards to reduce D partition size. If you have a spare hard drive lying around, this process is pretty easy: Download the appropriate Windows 8 ISO from the Microsoft Developer Network site, burn it to a DVD, turn off your PC, slap the hard drive in your case, and connect it up to your motherboard. However, if you only have one hard drive in your system, you'll have to be a little bit more creative in order to install Windows 8 without nuking your existing Windows installation. Assuming you're currently running Windows Vista or Windows 7, open Control Panel and open up the Administrative Tools screen. Right-click on the C:\ volume and select the "Shrink Volume" option, and then reduce the size of your volume by at least 16 gigabytes for a 32-bit installation of Windows 8 or 20 gigabytes for a 64-bit installation.
You'll now see a new, monochromatic, "unallocated" hunk of storage appear next to your C:\ volume in the graphical display. Next, burn the Windows 8 image to a disc using a freeware app like Imgburn or CDBurnerXP, then reboot your PC, access your BIOS setup menu (typically by pressing Delete or another specified key while booting up), and change the boot order so your PC will boot from your optical drive instead of your primary hard drive when you restart your computer.
And here's an extra tip: Once you've loaded up Windows 8 for the first time, you'll be able to edit Windows' boot settings to make Windows 7 boot by default instead of 8 (which happens after a short time delay if you don't select an operating system yourself). PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.

Different with Windows 2008 Server, there is no 'Shrink' feature under Windows 2003 Server Disk Management. To reduce Windows 2003 partition size, you need third party partition software, so in this article, I'll introduce how to resize Server 2003 partition size with the most popular Server partition software - Aomei Partition Assistant. Step 1: Launch Aomei Partition Assistant, you'll see all disk partitions that connected to the Server. Step 2: Right-click the partition you want to shrink and select 'Resize Partition', in the pop up window, drag the left border rightward. After clicking 'OK', you'll back to main window, where you'll see that system C drive size has been reduced and there is free Unallocated space created at the end of C drive.
To shrink Server 2003 partition and create new partitions with less steps, you may refer 'Split partition' feature, see how to shrink partition in Windows 2003 Server.
After clicking 'OK', you'll back to main window, click 'Apply' on top left to proceed the shrinking and extending operations. Since the smaller partition is where all the Windows 8 stuff resides, including the program folder, I am finding that this smaller partition is quickly running out of space. If the system partition is running out of space and struggles for precious free space, you are unable to download Windows 8 updates and install new applications, even the whole performance of your PC will be declined. In other words, you can not shrink one partition and add the unallocated space generated from the partition to another. Both a€?Resize Partitiona€? and a€?Allocate Free Spacea€? features can change partition size in Windows 8 without data loss. Then just turn your system on and either press the key that allows you to access your motherboard's boot menu or change the boot options in the BIOS so your optical drive is recognized before your main hard drive; you should then be booting off your new Windows 8 disk. Welcome to the world of drive partitioning: In layman's terms, partitioning takes a hard drive's total storage and splits it into separate chunks of data.

Right-click on it, select the New Simple Volume option, and click on the Next button until you reach the screen for assigning letters and drive paths. Click Next one more time and give your volume a witty name; now click Next (and then Finish) to quick-format the volume as an NTFS partition.
Once your PC boots from the Windows 8 DVD, just install Windows 8 to your new partition (identifiable by the drive letter and name you picked out). Because extend volume option only works with contiguous unallocated space at the right side of the partition you want to extend. From there, just fire up the Windows 8 installer and install the operating system to your new drive. Your operating system then treats these separate data partitions as separate storage volumes.
When that window appears, look for the "Disk Management" submenu under "Storage" on the left-hand sidebar. After running it, you'll find that there is no 'shrink' command listed, that is to say, you cannot reduce partition size in Windows 2003 Server with Diskpart or Windows built-in utility. I am also afraid to move some of the program folders as I fear moving the folder will disable some of the programs. We'll show you how to download and install the Windows 8 developer's preview onto a separate partition (or separate hard drive, if you have a spare).
If you don't feel like mucking your hard drive with another partition, read How to Download and Install Windows 8 to a Virtual Machine for a less-intrusive way to get Windows 8 up and running on your PC.

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