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Foods to improve sex drive in males

Medical treatments such as statins, anti-depressants and other medication can weaken male sex drive.
Recreational drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy and even marijuana can affect the central nervous system to the extent that the balance of male sex hormones is altered. Both medical and recreational drugs can cause weak erections (erectile dysfunction), premature ejaculation, sexual anxiety and low testosterone levels. Just as certain medications can lead to a weak sex drive and low testosterone levels, they can also have other symptoms that you may have noticed.
Certain anti-depressants, statins and other drugs used to treat cholesterol levels have caused men to complain of the above symptoms. While having sex after smoking marijuana or taking ecstasy (MDMA) can be mind blowing, ejaculating too often when high can eventually lead to a dependency on the drug for stimulating sexual desire. Some men have unfortunately become impotent without the use of opiates, marijuana or other street drugs for sex. The long term effects of cocaine can negatively impact the nerve pathways between the brain and the penis, leading to loss of sex drive, even some time after the user has stopped taking the drug.
Many men, young and old, who have experienced a period of indulgence in drugs or medication are suffering from low libido even months afterwards as a result. Unfortunately, many men are left disappointed needing to depend on a chemical pill prescription to achieve erections. It makes little sense to take more drugs when drugs are the cause of a man’s problem.
Opting for natural supplements that act as precursors to boosting male hormones help to achieve natural hormonal balance for permanent results. Using plant and herbal libido stimulators encourages the body to produce its own natural levels of testosterone and to work on balancing the body’s sex hormones. If you feel that your libido has been negatively affected by alcohol, cocaine, cannabis or MDMA then you’re not alone.
However,you do need to seriously address the problem and it may take a few weeks to successfully reverse low libido. I created the Male Libido Booster 10 Step Program as a former marijuana smoker who needed to detox and address low testosterone.
You may like to try this out for your own benefit and for increasing libido naturally using supplements, healthy food and by detoxing.
Herbal libido boosters to improve sex drive  Had medication or drugs and sex drive is low?

Harmful Effects: Extreme changes in thought and behavior, including paranoia, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, homicidal thoughts, suicidal thoughts and violent outbursts.
Harmful Effects: Leads to negative emotions and behaviors, including anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia, delusions and extreme suspicion of others. Harmful Effects: The effects can vary widely because criminals use many different formulas when they make ecstasy. Harmful Effects: Reduced inhibitions and delusions of grandeur, which can lead to risky and destructive behaviors.
Harmful Effects: Heroin is highly addictive because it produces feelings of happiness and relaxation. Harmful Effects: Ketamine can affect the heart and raise blood pressure leading to heart attack.
Harmful Effects: It can make you frightened and confused, causing hallucinations and delusions. Harmful Effects: Since many users gather the mushrooms in the wild, they sometimes consume poisonous fungi. Many addicts overdose a drug, leading to loss of consciousness, collapse, hospitalization and sometimes death. Criminal behavior, including prostitution, drug dealing and theft, in an attempt to get money to buy more drugs. Many recreational drugs will react with antiretroviral medications, or ARVs, the drugs used to treat AIDS. The long term effects of medication and recreational drugs on the male sex drive can be extremely dampening, causing the hormonal balance of the body to become disrupted. This depressing state continues for some months even after they stop taking all drugs, as the body has not had time to readjust and balance the sexual hormone levels. In small doses, cocaine is used by some people as an aphrodisiac and can intensify pleasure.
As good blood circulation is required for a strong erection to occur, using cocaine often interferes with sex causing erection problems and orgasmic malfunction.
Very often, the doctor tends to prescribe more drugs ranging from anti-depressants, antibiotics or even laboratory developed pills for harder erections.
A detox of the body and especially of the liver can also be highly beneficial to stimulating libido and recovering a strong desire and sex drive once more. If the liquid is swallowed accidently, a severe chemical reaction leading to death or permanent disability may happen.

Prolonged use could causeloss of concentration, impaired memory and mental illness like schizophrenia.
The main effect is extreme changes of mood: a person feels intense happiness, energetic and sexual arousal when they first take it. Some users will experience nausea, diarrhea, pain and other stomach problems.Persons under the hallucinogenic effects are more likely to get into accidents.
There can also be a total loss of emotional and mental control leading to temper tantrums and violent outbursts. There are two broad classes of recreational drugs out there: street drugs that are manufactured or imported by criminals purely for recreational purposes and misused pharmaceuticals.
The misused pharmaceuticals are legitimate drugs manufactured for medical purposes, which are then diverted to recreational use. Besides,it can reduce inhibitions, leading to a greater chance of criminal and destructive behaviors like prostitution and theft. Ecstasy can damage the brain, the immune system, the heart and the kidneys and even cause death. Excessive use can increase the heart rate and blood pressure leading to heart attack and death. Heroin addicts often turn to criminal behavior like prostitutionbecause they are unable to work normally. Because it can be snorted, there is a strong possibility of damage to the nose and the throat.
Since it reduces inhibitions, ecstasy can lead to risky sexual behavior and increase the risk of rape and venereal disease. Cocaine is highly addictive, so people often engage in illegal or risky behaviors to get it. Many addicts reuse needles to inject the drug, which can spread serious infectious diseases like hepatitis and HIV. There is also a high risk of exposure to hepatitis and HIV because addicts often share needles.
In UK, about 376,136 people have been drug users and about 133,112 people regularly injected drugs.

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