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Not too long ago I started to notice the trend of tow hooks coming in strong for 2011 and even stronger in 2012. MOVE OVER Motorsports has released their new line of Fully Functional Tow Hooks for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and the 09+Ralliart.
Skunk2 Part # 627-99-0080Skunk2's weighted Shift Knobs allow for smoother, more positive shifting.Match with a Skunk2 Short Shifter for the ultimate combination. Each Blox stainless steel shift knob is custom weighted at approximately 440 grams to provide positive shift engagements.
This product improves the overall look of the interior of the vehicle while providing some performance gain. They made these for vehicle models such as the USDM EF Civics and DA Integras as well as the EG, EK and DC. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The 2015 WRX STI features a EJ257 engine and has received performance upgrades vs the previous generation.
This PWJDM product is used to enhance the wing’s downforce characteristics by separating the airflow on the back side of the wing, primarily that which comes over the top of the wing.

The increased weight is the key attribute that makes the Blox shift knob stand out from the rest. If there was one single product under 30 bucks that could do wonders for your interior- this product is it!
They made theres with a higher grade of material than the stock ones for lasting durability. The result creates a localized high pressure zone on the top side of the wing generating downforce. It’s used to enhance the wing’s downforce characteristics by separating the airflow on the back side of the wing, primarily that which comes over the top of the wing. The real advantage is that you'll have something that fits perfect without any cutting or any other sort of modification. It's perfect for those who choose to have their airbag removed for safety reasons on road courses or when drag racing.Crafted from aerospace grade 2x2 twill Carbon Fiber and 100% high solid epoxy resin, our bags trays are designed to fit the USDM vehicles without any modification to your stock dash. Look up close, and you will see the PWJDM "P-Circle" logo embossed perfectly to set your car apart from the rest. What this means is that you can retain your factory airbag and reinstall it later if you need to.

Installation takes less than 20 minutes, and requires only the basic tools that every car enthusiast should have! In some countries, it is illegal to tamper or modify any portion of the supplemental restraint system (SRS). Password does not assume any liability for damages resulting from the use of our Airbag trays. Our Airbag trays are intended strictly for off-road racing use only!!!Mounting requires the use of some sort of bonding agent such as double sided tape along the edges or a silicon adhesive.
Small imperfections such as wavy weaves, small bubbles and resin blemishes will be inevitable.
Password:JDM has made all efforts to produce its aftermarket products to fit the original factory vehicles as closely as possible.
If the buyer wishes to paint the products, he or she must pre-fit the parts to the vehicle before painting to ensure proper fit.

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