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Kawasaki has the biggest gun in this class, with a little more performance than the 125 four-strokes from Suzuki and Yamaha. Yamaha was way out front with the TT-R125, giving it electric start years before it was fashionable. Suzuki has had its DR-Z125 in the line for a long time, but it got a facelift two years ago and now has a very modern look, like the full-size RM-Z450 that James Stewart rides.
Honda has more bikes in the youth category than anyone, and the CRF110F is made to fill those preteen years.
The Yamaha TTR110 is a pre-teen-sized mini with an automatic clutch and a four-speed gearbox. After a brief hiatus, Suzuki is back in the mini market with the DRZ70, a kick-start mini with a 67cc air-cooled motor hooked up to a three-speed gearbox with a centrifugal clutch.
2017 GAS GAS 300 2-STROKEGas Gas is back, and the EC300 two-stroke is hard-core enduro hardware. About Dirt BikeWARNING: Much of the action de­pict­­ed in this magazine is potentially dan­gerous. This PW50 60cc Big Bore Cylinder Kit comes with a Top End Machine designed aluminum cylinder head. PWonly private brand parts are carefully selected by our performance experts to meet our strict standards. PWonly products offer customers unmatched product selection and low pricing, while our excellent technical support and customer service have made us a recognized leader in 50cc motocross riding and racing.
The one with the “F” suffix is the Family version, not to be confused with the “R” (Race) version.
The wheels are the same size of those in the full-scale WR line, but the seat height is a few inches lower and the power output is friendly.
It’s the heir to the original XR75 from the early ’70s that gave Nixon-era kids their start. It weighs about 163 pounds full of gas and has a 26.3-inch seat height, making it easy for an 80-pound kid to handle. The standard model is perfect for the pre-teen beginner because of its low seat height, automatic clutch and four-seed gearbox.

The electric starter is a big hit, and it has over 4 inches of suspension travel at both ends. The Mini is a downsized version of the same thing, made for the early years of riding and perhaps racing.
With most 50cc minis, dad has to jog behind the bike just to be close when it needs to be restarted. Even if the kid isn’t ready to ride, you can use it as an incentive to get the behavior you want. The selection starts with a 500-watt electric bike, includes 70cc through 155cc minis, and continues to a full-size 250. From cranks and pistons to plastic kits and much more, PWOnly products are a great value in high performance and OEM replacement. It has electric start, and a manual-clutch, air-cooled motor in a chassis with full-size wheels and a 34-inch seat height. It has a 16-inch rear wheel with a 19-inch front, putting it in the big-wheel category suitable for teens. The wet weight of the machine is around 160 pounds, and the seat height is about 26.4 inches, so it’s a good size for an 80-pound kid—although adults have been spotted enjoying the TTR as well. Now that fever has died somewhat, but the Honda 50 remains a truly great way to introduce your kid to the ways of dirt bikes. The company also has a line of retro street minis that resembles some of the classic Honda models of the ’70s—but at very reasonable prices. Spark plug hole properly centered for ignition firing huge difference over any other PW 50 cylinder kit or the standard stock PW50 parts.
The standard version has a 14-inch rear wheel and a 17-inch front, while the Big Wheel has a 16 and a 19. The L model is alone in the lineup for 2015, with its 16-inch rear and 19-inch front wheel.
The wheels are 10-inchers at both ends, and many of the features are top-notch, like the disc brakes and Maxxis tires. The TTR50 has an electric starter, as well as an air-cooled motor with an automatic clutch and a three-speed gearbox.

A BILATERAL BEAM FRAME MOTOCROSS The culmination of decades of motocross experience, this amazing structure is comprised of 16 pieces of aluminum, either forged, cast, hydroformed or extruded.
This year the F got a restyling job and now looks more like a full-size racer than its brother. It has a fully automatic transmission, a super-low seat height, a driveshaft and an eternal two-stroke motor.
C LONG-TRAVEL REAR SUSPENSION A redesigned KYB shock out back carries more fluid in a larger reservoir, and uses a bigger piston for greater consistency through 12.4 full inches of plush travel. D THE BALANCE OF POWER HAS SHIFTED Moving the airbox to the front of the engine let the engineers move the fuel tank lower and rearward; the reward is even greater mass concentration for increased flickability and an ultra-light feel.
E FOUR-VALVE HEAD Four titanium valves, fuel injection, higher compression, a shorter stroke and 12mm crank offset are just a few reasons why this YZ450F not only has the perfect power delivery for motocross, but is the most powerful YZ ever. F D E F MORE BUMP ABSORPTION Ten millimeters more stroke and increased fluid capacity in the KYB fork, along with new clamps and geometry, provide the next level of bump absorption, tracking and front-end feel.
1981 YZ125–first liquid-cooled Yamaha motocrosser keeps its engine cool with an aluminum radiator mounted to its top triple clamp. 1982 YZ125 debuts Yamaha’s first linkage-type rear suspension and Yamaha Power Valve System for a much broader two-stroke powerband.
1987 YZM500, world’s first aluminum frame factory motocrosser, debuts in the World GP.
2005 Constant development, including an aluminum frame for the YZ250 and YZ125 in 2005, followed by aluminum frames for the YZ250F and YZ450F in 2006. As the first production bike built not just with but around fuel injection, it moves the intake system to the front of the engine, while slanting the cylinder rearward– for the most compacted center of mass ever in a four-stroke.

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