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Our investigative and remedial approach incorporates the latest technologies and protocols consistent with local, state and federal guidelines, while always having the end-use of the property and the development schedule in mind. Brownfield property is land previously used for industrial purposes or some commercial uses. We are a proud member and sponsor of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), and we’re very active in our local chapter. We provide a complete range of conservation, sustainability and energy related engineering consulting services to municipal, private, public and federal clients that encompass a variety of markets (including commercial, industrial, retail, healthcare and aviation).  We work closely with clients, utilities and regulatory agencies to expedite projects. The Sustainable Energy Group package brings our various energy services together under one umbrella to meet the growing needs of our clients and colleagues. Many historic buildings have pitched roofs that can’t support conventional cooling equipment, like cooling towers.
Thanks to modern geothermal technology, these buildings can enjoy the same space-conditioning comforts that more modern buildings do while preserving their original aesthetic and utilizing forward-thinking technologies with an energy-efficient, state-of-the-industry and sustainable HVAC system.
System upgrades such as new safety systems and the ground-source geothermal system designed bring the cathedral into the 21st century while allowing its historic edifice to remain untouched. Founded as a private society of local naturalists who pooled their personal collections to create the public museum in 1908, the Staten Island Museum has a long-standing focus on environmental protection. The geothermal system provides centralized AC to the building for the first time in its history, and helped the building to achieve LEED Gold certification. Having a solid and residual waste management strategy is critical to a sustainable future and a clean environment.
PWGC is a national leader in innovative solid waste and residual waste management strategies, which is why we've been brought in to develop and implement state-of-the-art waste solutions throughout the United States.
PWGC is proud to announce a project we’re working on now in collaboration with TRITEC Real Estate and BHC Architects — the Port Jeff Residences project, located at the gateway to the quaint but bustling north shore village of Port Jefferson.
Brooklyn’s Weeksville Heritage Center has won the Institutional Building Award presented by the  New York chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). We had a blast cleaning up Reeves beach last weekend for International Coastal Cleanup Day.

We are pleased to announce that PWGC has acquired Washington-based Hospital Waste Management (HWM), a hazardous material and waste management company serving the healthcare industry. PWGC is providing civil engineering services for a new private gallery and suite of artist studios in Brooklyn, NY. PWGC is proud to announce a project we’re working on now in collaboration with TRITEC Real Estate and BHC Architects — the Port Jeff Residences project, located at the gateway to the quaint but bustling north shore village of Port Jefferson.
The not-for-profit Riverhead Foundation is located within the Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center. All sectors are facing increased pressure from the public, clients, media, government, and investors to report their corporate policy for reducing carbon emissions and implementing sustainable operations.
To develop your baseline carbon emissions profile, we’ll determine the carbon emissions based on your corporation’s day-to-day activities that cause greenhouse gas emissions.
Direct Emissions (Scope 1) – On-site fuel combustion, fugitive refrigeration emissions, etc.
With PWGC’s carbon emissions analysis, you will be able to integrate proactive guidelines into your corporate policy, develop strategies to reduce operational costs, and assess your long-term return on investment for going green.
Our vast experience helps us actively develop innovative ways to streamline the BCP process to accommodate the fast-paced schedule of most developers. The land may be contaminated by low concentrations of hazardous waste or pollution, but has the potential to be reused once it is cleaned up.
Grosser Consulting is an environmental and civil engineering consultancy integrating the best environmental practices for a wide range of industries. Grosser Consulting designed modern, energy-efficient geothermal heating and cooling systems for two restoration projects—The Staten Island Museum and St.
Grosser Consulting worked with the restoration architects for the Staten Island Museum and St. That means that greenhouse gas emissions are eliminated and the building’s overall carbon footprint is significantly lowered.
The Weeksville Heritage Center is a new museum located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York with a multi-pronged mission of preservation and education.

Paul Grosser led a drilling demonstration for students in Stony Brook University’s Civil Engineering Department. With your help we covered a mile of shoreline from the beach entrance to the shipwrecks to the west. Unfortunately, as with any public attraction, garbage does not always end up in the garbage.
Founded by Alan Jones, PhD, HWM has successfully aided hospitals in the Pacific Northwest with regulatory compliance issues at the local, state and federal level since 1997.
Please consider visiting the aquarium with friends and family (they are a primary supporter of the Foundation), volunteering or making a donation to support this essential mission of rescuing and rehabilitating marine mammals and sea turtles. Indirect Emissions (Scope 2) – Electricity consumption, imported steam, heating, etc.
Our clients range from the single land owner to large private developers and conglomerates, municipalities, and industrial clients. Patrick’s Cathedral to design ground-source heating and cooling systems that allowed these buildings to maintain their original beauty and structural integrity.
A striking vestige of Old World beauty, its 10-year restoration was a complete overhaul that removed decades of grime and pollution to reveal exquisite detailing; the exterior marble, stained glass windows, woodwork, brass doors, and interior plaster were all restored to their full luster. The event allowed the SBU students to gain valuable hands-on experience as they work towards their engineering degrees. Lead-Based Risks Lead paint is serious business, and was still being used in home construction as late as 1978. Paul Grosser, took third in his age group, while PWGC employees Derek Ersbak and Pablo Rodriguez took second and third, respectively, for their age group.

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