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I think we could all agree that sweating is pretty gross and inconvenient at times…but did you know that sweating is actually a really good thing, especially while working out? Your body has a natural process that it goes through to help cool and regulate the body’s temperature. These toxins get in your body because of the foods you eat, the liquids you drink, and the environment you live in. Like I mentioned before, the body’s natural way of cooling itself down is through sweating. When your body’s temperature increases, it mimics a fever and helps boost your immune system. Get Email UpdatesTo receive email updates about this page, enter your email address: Enter Email Address What's this?
Stroke risk can be higher in some families than in others.Family members share genes, behaviors, lifestyles, and environments that can influence their health and their risk for disease. Exercise is more beneficial than going outside and sweating because it’s hot outside.

The toxins could be excess sodium, pesticides, heavy metals (like lead and mercury), nicotine, and alcohol.
You can prevent a lot of toxins from getting in your body, since what you eat and what you drink is your choice. You can remove these toxins in a natural and effective way by sweating. I remember running my first marathon, and I wasn’t used to running outside with steep inclines and the sun glaring down at me.
I encourage you to go to the gym, hit the dance floor, play a sport, or enjoy a nice long swim. Family health history is a useful tool for understanding health risks and preventing disease. To help people collect and organize their family history information, CDCa€™s Office of Public Health Genomics collaborated with the U.S. Surgeon General and other federal agencies to develop a Web-based tool called "My Family Health Portrait."Other CharacteristicsBoth men and women can have a stroke. Some other characteristics that you cannot control, like your age, sex, and race or ethnicity, can affect your risk for stroke:Age.

Although stroke is common among the elderly, many people younger than 65 years also have strokes.1Sex. Pregnancy and use of birth control pills pose special stroke risks for women.1Race or ethnicity.
Blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, and Alaska Natives have a greater chance of having a stroke than do non-Hispanic whites or Asians. Accessed December 4, 2013.Go AS, Mozaffarian D, Roger VL, Benjamin EJ, Berry JD, Borden WB, et al. Heart disease and stroke statisticsa€”2013 update: a report from the American Heart Association.

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