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Mit ihrer Online Double Conversion Technologie liefert sie zuverlässig reine Sinusspannung. Die umfangreiche Shutdown- und Überwachungssoftware LanSafe III, wird als "Software Suite CD-Rom" mitgeliefert.
PW9120-700, 05147356-5591, PW9120-1000, 05147357-5591, PW9120-1500, 05147358-5591, PW9120-2000, 05147359-5591, PW9120-3000, 05147360-5591, PW9120-3000H, 05147547-5591, PW9120-3000B, 05147548-5591, PW9120-700i, 05147361-5592, PW9120-1000i 05147362-5592, PW9120-1500i, 05147363-5592, PW9120-2000i, 05147364-5592, PW9120-3000i, 05147365-5592 Power Factor Inc.

PW9355 Powerware 3 phase UPS KA1011100000010 KA1012100000010 KA1011200000010 KA1012200000010 KA10113400000010 KA1011300000010 KA1511100000010 KA1512100000010 KA1511200000010 KA1512200000010 KA15113400000010 KA15113600000010 KB2013100000010 KB2013100000010 KB2013100000010 KB2013200000010 KB2013100000010 KB2013100000010 KB2013100000010 KB2013100000010 KB2013100000010 KB3013100000010 KB3013100000010 KB3013100000010 KB3013200000010 KB3013100000010 KB3013100000010 KB3013100000010 KB3013100000010 KB3013100000010 FERRUPS Rackmount UPS Power Factor Inc. Power Pros still offers expert tech support and battery replacements on this entire product line. Features pure sine-wave output, LCD display, (2) 5-20 & (4) 5-15 receptacles, monitoring, hot-swappable and optional extended run batteries.

One of our sales technicians can help match you with a replacement unit that has the correct voltage, plugs, and receptacles.

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