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The First ever International Yoga Day declared by the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 2014 is going to be celebrated in a wide manner by the Prime Minister Mr. To be a part of this auspicious day, we strive to educate the throngs about the ‘Big Day’ and present to you a pictorial presentation of the yoga day that will help you know the schedule and get prepared well in advance. Numerous people looking for weight loss programs often end up quitting their fitness regime in between: either they find it too difficult to adhere to, or may be due to lack of tasty foods in their daily diet. People often end up breaking their fitness regime by eating anything when they are at the urge of dying because of hunger.
Most of the people residing in Delhi and the NCR are so fond of having street foods that they end up having chaat or tikki post workouts, as they cannot curd their taste buds and end up consuming more calories and wasting their workout of the day. Carbon dioxide and artificial sweetener present in diet drinks can 500% let you gain weight.
Having robust muscles in the chest, arms, back and shoulder is a must for all fitness freaks who like flaunting their muscles at evening parties or social gatherings.
How to perform: Take hold of the chinning bar with an overhand grip, hands as wide apart as practicable.
How to Perform: Take a hold of chinning bar with hands close together and hang below the bar.
Use: This workout is as effective as clos grip chins yet allows you to work on the back muscles without letting you pull your complete body weight (it is preferred by most of the beginners).
How to Perform: Grasp a long bar with a wide, overhand grip and sit on a seat with your knees hooked under the support.
Use: This exercise helps widening the upper back and has relatively lesser impact on the lower back. How to Perform: Take a dumbbell in one hand and bend forward from the waist until your back becomes parallel to the ground.
How to Perform: Sit against the cross bar and hold the cable pulley in both the hands (closed together). Use: To work the lower lats and the serratus and also stretches the pectorals and helps widen the rib cage.
How to Perform: Lie on your back along a flat bench and place a barbell on the floor behind your head. Use: Deadlifts help strengthening the lower back, upper back, trapezius, the buttocks and the legs.
How to Perform: Standing with feet a few inches apart, hold a barbell across the back of your shoulders as for squats. How to Perform: Position yourself on a hyperextension bench with your heels hooked under the support. Many people aspire to have the chiseled Greek God-like physique like most of the fitness models and actors of the Bollywood and the Hollywood. How to perform: Stand between the set of parallel bars with both the hands on the bars, then take a small jump to get into the starting position.
How to perform: Sit on the chest fly machine with your back straight and hold the handles in both the hands.
How to perform: Lie on a flat bench supporting only the back with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle, and a dumbbell in both the hands.
How to perform: Stand in front of the rope pulling machine and hold the rope with both the hands.
How to perform: Stand below the barbell and take a small jump to hold it with both the palms.
How to perform: Using a pair of gravity boots, hang upside down from a chinning bar, take the dumbbells in both the hands and let the weights hang down below you. Saina Nehwal is a renowned Indian badminton player who has achieved the honor of being the first Indian to win the bronze medal in 2012 Olympics, London.
Despite being a wonderful badminton player, Saina follows a strict exercising regime to remain in the pink of the health. Dumbbell pullovers: This exercise helps Saina gain the chest and the back muscles and give her strength to perform exceptionally during the tournaments.
Rowing: This exercise helps toning and increasing flexibility and is also good for the beginners. Military Presses: Badminton takes a toll on the player’s shoulders and this is why military presses and similar exercises are highly essential for all badminton players. How to Perform: Sit on a military press bench with a barbell behind your head and back straight. Heel Raises: Also known as calf raising exercise, this workout helps building calf muscles and tones them while making them stronger. How to perform: Place the head of your foot on a metal block that heights around two inches or use discs or dumbbells of the same height. Other Exercises: Lat Pull-downs, crunches, and some forms of cardio exercises is what Saina Loves doing to gain strength and an increased stamina.
The Hyderabadi Shuttler keeps herself full with a variety of healthy nutrients: chicken (mostly roasted), steamed foods, salads, milk and eggs (in the breakfast) are a few to name.
Saina believes in being brimful of all the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and some amount of carbohydrates, so her body is never short of fuel and she’s able to perform to the best of her abilities. In addition, the Haryana born sports star believes in keeping realistic cum achievable goals so she doesn’t drains herself to the core so as to achieve higher targets. More sex is an indicator of increased levels of libido: people with higher levels of libido have higher levels of testosterone too, which plays a major role in increasing the muscle mass building capacity in the body. No sooner a man has sex, his body releases a hormone called prolactin; it works opposite the Dopamine (happy hormones) and also decreases the levels of testosterone in the body which in turn downbeats the amount of muscle building in the body. Many people may not know that more you become leaner, more the libido level falls down; especially people who are on a competition diet can face this problem.
After each orgasm, the body releases a significant amount of zinc from the body while zinc happens to be one of the major micro nutrients necessary for the growth of and maintenance of the muscle tissues.
It can be said that sex does affects (including the positives and negatives) one’s muscle building. When it comes to fitness and health, most of us relate it to fitness models, bollywood stars or the cricketers like Virat, Yuvraj or Dhoni.
You need to rest at least twice a week, so your body repairs and rejuvenates for working out again.
He prefers to keep cheat days among the workout days, so he is able to burn those extra calories. Virat prefers protein shakes, carbohydrates in small amounts and other healthy foods in dinners. Virat believes in keeping himself well hydrated so he can sweat more and have a healthy skin.
Besides women who cannot conceive due to some or the other medical reason, infertility in men has also become a major problem for many.
Furthermore, the Motility rate (percentage of sperm moving in straight forward position) below fifty percent and the Morphology (shape of the sperm cell) of the sperm are two additional causes of infertility in men.

Walnuts are rich in Omega three fatty acids and also help increasing the sperm motility, vitality and morphology. Pumpkins contain a high amount of zinc that helps production and development of sperm and testosterone. Besides being a great source of protein and fiber, lentils (Masur Dal) also boosts fertility in men.
Bluberries are a wonderful source of powerful, anti-inflammatory antioxidants including quercetin (supplement to reduce allergic responses or boost immunity) and resveratrol (antioxidant and fights cancer).
Semen is water based and increasing the intake of water can help and increase the ejaculation and improve sperm production in both men and women.
Pomegranates contain high amount of anti-oxidants that causes surges in testosterone, improves sperm quality and increases sex drive in men as well as women. Dark chocolate is a rich source of the amino acid L-arginine which can increase the volume to ejaculate and improve sperm count and motility. Oysters contain a high amount of zinc that helps stimulating the production of sperm and testosterone in men.
Salmon fish contains a higher amount of Omega-3 fatty acids that regulates the reproductive hormones while increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs. Citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, and grapefruits are a rich source of Vitamin-C that helps stabilize your ovulation and encourages the release of egg. Eggs are a rich source of Vitamin-D3; consuming two eggs a day is highly beneficial for every men as Vitamin-D3 helps sperm swim better and faster. Apart from foods that help stimulating the quality, quantity and shape of sperm, there are a certain group of foods that do the opposite. Researches show that aspartame (artificial sweetener widely used in diet drinks) adversely affects the sperm count and can also damage the sperm DNA to an extent where it becomes untreatable. Known to only a few people; fatty acids present in most of the junk foods impair male fertility.
Foods containing pesticides also contain a significant amount of mercury (try and avoid consuming these as well).
Working-out is a continued practice that involves a lot of learning, training and hard-work. Shoulder workout majorly involves movements of two large-sized muscles that support in lifting and rotating the same. Deltiods are the three-headed large-sized muscles that are located on the uppermost part of the arm and top of the shoulder. How to perform: sit on the flat bench under the over-head press machine, raise your hands at a distance of around 2 feet and hold the barbell. How to perform: hold the dumbbells in both the hands with your back straight and feet apart.
How to perform: pick up dumbbells or weight disc in both the hands with a straight torso (human body excluding the head and the limbs). How to Perform: Stand in the opposite direction of the pulley (your back should face the machine). How to Perform: Hold the dumbbells in both the hands and sit at the end of a flat bench with your back straight and feet apart. How to Perform: Stand in a straight posture, with dumbbells in both the hands, feet together and elbow slightly bent. How to Perform: Sit on the flat bench that is placed in the middle of lateral machine, hold left pulley in the right hand and a vice versa. Proteins are the nitrogenous organic compounds that contain one or more long chains of essential amino acids that act as building blocks of the muscle tissues and help structuring the skin, bones, organs and tendons.
When muscles tear and repair at the same rate, maintaining muscle mass becomes plain sailing. As and when one works out and stresses more on the muscles, synthesis and adenosine triphosphate get stimulated. Recuperation (repair) and building of new muscle tissues in place of the damaged ones, depends largely on the body’s metabolism rate, diet (intake of proteins), degree of muscle exertion, what muscle you exerted and how well you rest.
Note- In order to consume proteins as per your body’s requirement you can always combine different foods and get a balanced amount of amino acids in the body.
Take a glance at it-Yoga is not just a disciple but a discovery of one’s self, the world and the nature.
Here is a list of simple weight loss tips that every individual with a higher BMI must know.
It’s always better to plan your meals and keep a stock of diet munching foods so you do not end up gaining more calories taste and keep pampering your taste buds. If you’ve had a samosa or any unhealthy snack during office parties, you must be honest to yourself and try to compensate for the same by having only salads in the dinner or soup. This combination gives you sufficient amount of proteins, fibers and carbs that keep you full for longer period of time while satisfying your tongue. If you like consuming more salt and even add it to daily subzi and dals cooked at home, then you’re likely to have more weight, blood pressure and related health problems. Chillies contain capsaicin that triggers your brain to release feel-good endorphins that in turn help you feel good of what you eat. An effective combination of high to moderate intensity workouts and proper nutrition is what acts as a foundation to every fitness regime. With your knees bent slightly forward, until your back becomes parallel to the ground, lift the bar until it touches the upper abdominals. Place your free hand on the bench for support turn your hand to lift until your palm faces your body. Bend your knees and bend forward and hold the bar with your palms; the one in an under hand grip and the other in an over hand grip.
Keeping your legs locked and back straight, bend forward from the waist, head up until your torso is parallel to the floor. Clasp your hands across your chest or behind the head and bend forward and down as far as possible and come back until your torso becomes parallel to the ground.
If you are a new kid on the block who wants to build chest muscles yet lacks proper knowledge about essential workouts, here is a gist of exercises that you would not like to miss.
Raise your hands with the support of the thighs and bring your arms at a 90 degree angle aligned to your chest. Begin by flexing the elbow, lowering your body until your arms break 90 degrees and reverse the motion by extending the elbow upwards. Hold the barbell with palms that are at a distance of your shoulder width, this is your starting position. Then raise the hands in front of your chest focusing on the serattus muscles contraction then slowly go back to the old position. Then support yourself with a pole or the wall and lift yourself with one foot and hold for a second and relax.
The right handed badminton celebrity believes in maintaining a routine and does not miss a single day of workout until it’s really essential.

If you’re among one of these fitness enthusiasts who is striving to gain muscles yet worried if sex will hamper your speed, read on. When you’re highly stressed you’ll have cortisol (the energy hormone) surging through your veins that slows down your muscle building progress. In other words, starving too much or cutting down on carbohydrates ad fats excessively may hamper your sex life. Thus, reducing the sex (which is impossible for many) or increasing consumption of zinc supplements can be of great help to those who want to build muscles while not disrupting their sex lives.
However, maintaining a proper time gap between the both is wise: 5 hours of gap is a must (between sex and gyming), so the body get enough time to repair ad get ready for another exertion. It’s always amusing to watch these heroes hitting their bats in the finals and scoring exceptionally. He prefers the finest of brands while consuming water and not compromises when it comes to health. More than 20 percent of men all across the globe cannot become father because of their lesser sperm count (that is fewer than fifteen million sperm per milliliter of semen).
Quercetin helps increasing healthy sperm quality and motility while resveratrol improves sperm count and motility.
However, it may reduce the chances of clinical pregnancy during IVF (fertilization of egg outside the body). It inhibits a hormone in the brain that leads to low testosterone levels and sperm production.
Thus, all men (and even women) should avoid consuming foods containing rich amount of mercury. These are of three types: front (interior), side (middle) and rear (posterior) that respond well to heavy weights.
Then, slowly increase your grip and lower the barbell at about your chin level, hold for a few seconds and then reverse the act.
Use your side shoulders to lift the dumbbells as you exhale and return to the same position while you inhale.
Lift the weights to the front with the slight bend on the elbows and lift until they become parallel to the ground. Then slowly lift both the arms and stop when they become parallel to the ground, hold for a while and then return back to the rest position.
Hold the pulley in one hand with arm straight, and pull it back (towards your chest) without moving your legs; repeat with another arm.
Raise both the arms until they become parallel to the ground, hold for a second and return back to the old poition. Then slowly push the handles from both the ends while squeezing your chest, and hold the contraction for a second. Be it any type of fitness regime (Muscle building or weight loss), diet and nutrition plays a vital role in stimulating both. Now you know why most of the fitness trainers advice more consumption of protein rich foods like eggs, meat, milk, soy powder or fish oil.
For instance; Glutamine, a hydrophilic amino acid helps building more than 60% of the total skeletal muscles while Alanine is a one-of-a-kind amino acid that helps breaking down of glucose into energy and stimulates decontamination of liver from toxins.
Also, water and additional supplements play a major role in building muscles and strength (if you consume proteins specifically for body building, have more). He has organized a yoga camp across a 1.5 km stretch on the Rajpath- the main ceremonial avenue in the capital where he expects more than 35000 people to assemble and practice yoga. Thus, before kicking-off your routine, you must seek guidance from an expert and also know about major back muscles you need to work upon: Trapezius, Latissimus Dorsi and spinal erectors are the major back muscles.
It is similar to close-grip chins behind and front of the chest, just the position of palms is different. You can try doing it behind the neck and also with hands closed enough to hold the bar or the pulleys. However, first you need to know the structure of the chest and major muscles you need to work upon: Upper and Lower Pectorals and Serratus anterior are the major chest muscles.
You can perform these while standing, sitting or lying on the bench (inclined, declined or flat). You can perform these while standing with feet apart, and while sitting or lying on the flat bench. She vigorously exercises six days a week and follows a steady sleep pattern giving her body the complete rest to repair.
However, sex works as a stressbuster for many and also helps people perform better in the gym. In some cases it may also lead to permanent destruction of sperms which causes lasting infertility in men. Those who eat fish (in any form or type) must keep away from the swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish, tuna steak, and shark.
A trainer guides you with all ‘if and buts’ of working-out while teaching you about various muscles, their functioning and correct hand movements to be performed. However, in the beginning you must not try lifting heavy weights; rather focus on building strength and stamina.
Then slowly lift one arm up with a slight bend in the elbow, hold for a few seconds and return to the rest position; repeat with another arm. There will be a little bent in your elbow while your hands should be slightly tilted as if you’re pouring water in a glass. Knowing about proper nutrition is important yet quite a tedious and time consuming task that involves a lot of learning.
Thus, proper rest and sleep is pivotal for muscle building, else it results in break-down and immense loss of muscles that result in decreased muscle mass and strength.
You must try and consume lesser salt in every meal you have or use alternatives like black or rock salt, which are relatively less harmful.
You can also use separate handles connecting a single rope for more extended stretches, or perform the exercise with machine rows. Straighten up until you are standing up-right, throw the chest out and shoulders straight like in attention position. Some of the major nutrients (besides water) that work as fuel for the body and help building muscles and giving strength to your body include proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
However, PROTEINS are considered the most powerful and effective of all the nutrients and are a must-have for all gym goers.

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