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Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. In matters relating to increasing penis size, opting for dangerous methods of enlargement can make matters worse. Natural Hand Exercises coupled with natural penis pills assures guaranteed results and long-lasting efficacy. Natural Herbal supplements on the other hand increase blood flow to the penis which in turn increase penis size and cause harder and longer-lasting erections. Herbal pills are composed of effective ingredients like Mucuna pruriens, Withania Somnifera, Tribulus terrestris; herbs that are known for their ability for male enhancement, increasing penis size, improving erection quality and supercharging you sex life with powerful orgasm. While the individual is the main person who would decide which option he would choose, a good penis enlargement supplement is one of the easiest, most convenient, safest and effective methods of increasing penis size.
About the authorDonald Krups is the Marketing Director at Vitapharma, an award-winning direct marketer of nutritional products ranging from vitamins and minerals to nutritional supplements, herbs, ED remedies and health and beauty aids.
No doubt you’ve come across numerous sites that claim to hold the secret to how you can enlarge you penis naturally. But all is not lost….despite all the confusion surrounding the subject of penile enhancement, there are a couple of ways to enlarge your penis naturally that do in fact have a degree of clinical evidence and medical backing to support their claims. Such penile exercise techniques typically focus on both expanding the sponge like tissue within the penis (known as erectile tissue) that swells with blood during an erection and stretching the penile ligaments that attach the penis to the pubic bone.
By gradually developing the blood capacity of the erectile tissue, increased volumes of blood can enter the penis during an erection – the upshot of which is increased penile girth.
The effectiveness of such specialised exercise techniques was clinically verified in 2000 by a medical study that recorded the progress of a group of 50 men who followed one well known, high profile exercise program. These impressive results confirmed that the penis, similar to any other type of human tissue, will respond positively to the strains of consistent localised exercises – particularly when subjected to a well researched and structured exercise regime.
Such penile exercise techniques however, do have to be performed consistently over a period of several months to be truly effective.
Learn the fundamental facts about penile exercise, including more about the exercises involved, the results you can expect and the websites offering the most effective, well-researched routines. If you lack the inclination to commit to regular exercise, the use of a penile stretching device offers an alternative medically verified means to enlarge your penis naturally.
In the past few years, penile stretching devices have been the focus of growing medical interest – both as a non-surgical means to enlarge the penis and as a treatment for penile curvature.
Typical clinical results report that stretching devices can enlarge the penis by around 30 percent when used consistently over a medium time frame of 3 – 6 months. Although the use of a high quality penis stretching device is a more costly option than following a well structured penile exercise guide, they do have the clear advantage of being far less ‘labour intensive’. You’ll find more about the principles of, and research into penile traction, as well as the devices that have proved to offer the best results in my article, the Fundamental Facts About Penile Extenders.
Regardless of whether you decide to use penile exercises or a stretching device though, both have been medically proven to work; and with consistent use over a medium time frame of 3 – 6 months, both will provide similarly impressive results. One of the few clinically tested, pharmaceutical grade 'penis pills' - ideal for both maximizing penile size in the short-term and supercharging long-term gains. More valuable than a gilt-edged, signed first edition of the Magna Carta, yet cheaper than a kids Happy Meal; my very own Jelqing eBook offering a simple step-by-step guide to harnessing the explosive growth potential of penile exercise.
Most species of bird copulate by touching together their cloaca, openings that facilitate both mating and excretion.
It all began with some 19th century data, suggesting that ostriches have a blood vascular erection mechanism, like humans. What they found was that both species of bird have spongy organs at the base of the penis, known as paralymphatic bodies, making them no different from all other studied species of birds. Ostriches do have blood vessels in the penis, which is why they are pink and why one might think they contain blood, but these are small surface vessels that are unable to aid them in maintaining erections. The question now is, why would it be evolutionarily beneficial to have very short-lived erections?
Testosterone is a pivotal sex hormone that performs multiple functions throughout the human male lifecycle. While the causes of lean body mass loss are traditionally attributed to lack of dietary discipline and physical exercise, the hormonal imbalances were always suspected to play an important role in the events leading up to loss of strength in the muscles. A recent study involving 1,183 men aged 65 and older concluded that the amount of testosterone in the body determines the quantum of loss of muscle strength and mass as men grow older.
While we have grown up with the belief that loss of muscle strength with age is natural and should be accepted without questioning the rationale, the new findings will certainly open up new vistas for the researchers to further delve into the treatment aspect of weakened muscle strength in seniors.
For long, millions of men have suffered at the cruel hands of erectile dysfunction (ED), which embarrasses them at a time when they are naturally expected to ooze confidence. Medtronic Inc, a Minnesota-based company that specializes in the development and manufacture of pacemakers, heart stents as well as surgical products, has come up with a gadget that can effectively deal with erectile dysfunction.
Medtronic confirmed that it has finished the first feasibility study which was done by studying a total of 30 men who had an average age of 60 years.
This revolutionary medical device is known as a stent, which is a small wire mesh tube – quite the same as the one used to open up blocked heart arteries. Stents can be the answer for difficult cases where the diagnosis shows clogged penile arteries as the reason for ED.
It has been estimated that there are about 30 million men in the United States who are suffering from ED, and about 300 million across the world. Rogers also said that about 50 percent of men suffering from ED stopped drug therapy which included Viagra, Levitra and Cialis as a result of them not working, or developing intolerable side effects which included low blood pressure. The exact cause for BPH is unknown, but age and genetics play an important role in the occurrence of the disease. The FDA evaluated two different clinical trials involving Cialis and men with BPH, and found that the drug led to significant improvement in symptoms.
Other side effects associated with Cialis include headache, indigestion, nausea, vomiting and pain in stomach, muscles, arms or legs. Men taking nitrates such as nitroglycerin should not take Cialis as it may lead to unsafe drop in blood pressure, according to an FDA warning published in the US News and World Report. The study also highlighted the fact that the majority of the injuries were suffered during sex outside of marriage. Penile fractures are treatable through several different types of surgery, and scientists have long understood the underlying mechanism and pathology of these injuries.
Interestingly, his study found that 50% of the patients with penile fractures were engaged in sexual act with someone other than their wife at the time of the accident. Moreover, most of these accident victims were having sex in unconventional locations such as cars, elevators and bathrooms. Lack of testosterone in men may be associated with effeminate behavior and overall sissiness, but scientists have uncovered what may be a shocking new truth about male hormones.
These findings were presented as the result of a recent study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on September 12. The research showed that men with high morning levels of the hormone to begin with were more likely to become fathers by the end of the study. Additionally, men who spent three or more hours per day taking care of their child experienced greater drops in testosterone than the men who were less involved in raising their children. This makes sense since testosterone is closely linked with traits such as strength, aggression and virility, which are important in survival, both purely physical and genetic.
So when you notice the men around you mellowing as they become fathers, now you know, it’s simply a matter of hormones.
This research, the results of which have been published in the Asian Journal of Andrology, was conducted by Gachon University under the leadership of Dr.

What the researchers found was that the ratio between ring finger and index finger lengths was indicative of penis size. The idea that prenatal testosterone might affect both finger and penis length has been simultaneously explored by another team of researchers. The researchers exposed one group of mouse embryos to high levels of testosterone and another to oestrogen.
If this still sounds like an old wives’ tale, it should be noted that digit ratio has previously been the subject of numerous studies on sexual development and sexual behavior. The idea that cardiovascular health is somehow linked to penile health is not exactly news, and that impotence can be an early sign of heart disease is well known, but scientists have found it difficult to pinpoint exactly how the two are linked. One analysis of six studies of a total of 740 men, published on September 12 in the Archives of Internal Medicine, concluded that all of the included studies showed that when men’s cholesterol was improved with the help of exercise and their dieting erectile function improved as well. Another recent analysis, published on September 20 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, investigated the links between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease.
The researchers started by establishing what we already knew – that there is indeed a link between impotence and cardiovascular disease. For the man who is suffering from either erectile dysfunction or cardiovascular disease, however, maybe it isn’t the reason for the link that is important. Because erectile dysfunction and heart disease are so closely linked, ignoring erectile dysfunction due can cost a man his life. For men who have not been helped by popular erectile dysfunction chemicals, or who feel uncomfortable with the reported side-effects, there are not many options. The vibrator is currently being released in the United States under the name Viberect and was developed by the American company Reflexonic, owned and run by urologists. Viberect is designed rather like a pair of barbecue tongs and each end has a soft vibrating cup. The device will cost about $300 in the US market, which is approximately $500 cheaper than the world’s only other medical vibrator, the Ferticare. Reflexonic is hoping to circumvent this problem by making the device incredibly easy to use, even in a dimmed bedroom setting with a partner.
Antioxidants have long been celebrated in the alternative medicine and health food industries as the cure for numerous conditions, from aging to infertility, all believed to be caused by oxidation on a cellular level. Tony Hagen of the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University and Fransesco Visioli from the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies believe that they are. In order to discuss antioxidants as a treatment, it must first be established that oxidation is part of the problem.
He is referring, in particular, to an age-related decline in nitric oxide production resulting in erectile dysfunction. It is also known that degenerative diseases linked with erectile dysfunction and infertility problems, such as high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and diabetes, are linked to low nitric oxide production. Meanwhile, a research team from the University of Auckland, led by Marian Showell, have reviewed 34 clinical trials of couples undergoing infertility and subfertility treatments.
While some men may certainly be helped by taking antioxidants to treat reproductive problems, caution must unfortunately be advised. It is a common belief amongst most men that having a large penis is a sure way to satisfy women better. Hence it’s very essential that you consider only safe and natural enlargement methods known for their proven track record. A lot of men have confirmed the efficacy of such supplements and have claimed that it has helped them gain a few extra inches to their penis.
You can start adding inches to your penis in just a matter of months with permanent results. From pills, creams and patches through to exercises and traction devices, all these websites have one thing in common – they all claim to have a magic solution. On the other hand, by using specific exercise techniques to stretch the penile ligaments, length increases can be achieved. The subjects in the above clinical trial for example, exercised on average for just over 20 minutes per workout, four days per week in order to achieve the above mentioned results. A recent study conducted by urologists at San Giovanni Battista Hospital, Italy (published in the urology journal BJU International in 2008) for example, concluded that the use of a penile stretching device produced a ‘significant’ average penile length increase of 32 percent in fifteen test subjects.
Once secured to the penis, they can be left in place for a number of hours with relatively little user intervention. Whilst many products touted on the internet may claim to offer a quick fix solution to enlarge your penis naturally, in reality only the above two methods have the validity of medically backing to support their claims. Ducks, geese, swans, flamingos, ostriches, kiwis and emus are different; they all have penises that swell to erection. In other words: ostriches and emus have the lymph fluid based erections common to birds, rather than the blood vascular erections of reptiles and mammals. Another reason why scientists believed that ostriches have blood vascular erections was the apparent rigidity of their erections, so unlike most bird species. The answer, should they find it, may have some interesting implications for mammals as well, not the least for humans and the prevalence of premature ejaculations.
This clearly implies that the sex hormone in men discreetly plays a role in determining the strength and muscle mass among older men.
The results of the study were published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.
Perhaps, the next step should be to manufacture and test new medicines comprising testosterone supplements for their efficacy in preventing loss of muscle mass.
It is inserted inside the internal pudendal artery whose main function is to supply blood to the penis.
The blockage will simply not allow sufficient blood flow to the penis resulting in fragile erection. Jason Rogers of UC Medical Center and a researcher of this Medtronic-sponsored trial commented that ED is basically a vascular disease and this is the main reason why the company has so much interest in it.
Many enlarged prostate patients do not have any symptoms while others may experience painful and frequent urination, incontinence and urinary retention.
Cialis may also interfere with certain antifungal and antidepressant medications, and with antibiotics such as erythromycin and clarithromycin. The manufacturer has no plans of making it an over-the-counter drug, nor do they anticipate any generic versions of the medication anytime soon, as patents will protect the drug until 2017.
Andrew Kramer, a urologist and researcher at the University of Maryland Medical Center, found that men who have had penile fractures had typically been engaging in unconventional sex acts, or sex in unusual locations such as restrooms or on the job, at the time of the accident. Six hundred and twenty-four Filipino men participated in the study which lasted over a period of four and a half years. But the study also showed that in becoming a father a man’s testosterone levels were on average 26% lower in the morning and 34% lower in the evening compared to his own levels before he became a dad. The study author Lee Gettler, an anthropology PhD candidate at Northwestern University urged that there is an important distinction to be made here. Men with high testosterone levels might have a competitive edge in, still evolutionarily primitive, human mating habits. Tae Beom Kim and involved measuring the fingers and the flaccid as well as the extended penises of 144 anesthetized men. Men’s index fingers are generally shorter than their ring fingers, so a long ring finger in itself does indicate endowment.
This study, published on September 19 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, focused on mice. The mice exposed to male hormones during this crucial developmental phase had proportionally longer fourth digits – that is to say, ring fingers.

Amongst others, one controversial study in 2000 suggested that women with a more typically male ratio were more likely to be lesbian. The analysis also showed that improvements made to known risk factors for cardiovascular health, such as high cholesterol and waist circumference, lead to significant improvements in the bedroom.
This analysis, which covered 12 international studies of a total of 36,744 men, found that men with erectile dysfunction are at increased risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease. They found that men suffering from erectile dysfunction were 48% more likely to also suffer from cardiovascular disease than men who had no such dysfunction. It is the fact that the two are linked in the first place and that treating one can help treat the other. But on the bright side, it also means that diet and exercise can lead to a better love-life. Traditionally, they have been forced to consider a life with impotence, painful vacuum pumps or risky invasive surgery.
The premise is simple: the vibrator stimulates the nerve endings of the penis and triggers a reflex erection. With the help of those cups, the Viberect device can stimulate both sides of the penis equally and thereby maximize the number of affected nerves. Viberect works by producing individual erections at the moment of use and can as such not be hidden from a partner, unlike long-term erectile dysfunction therapy or an orodispersible pill.
Now science is catching up and asking the question: are antioxidants a viable treatment for infertility and impotence?
Hagen and Visioli have studied the existent research and recently published their analysis in Pharmacological Research. Nitric oxide is a substance that relaxes and dilates blood vessels, including the smooth muscles of the penis which must be relaxed to enable blood flow into the erectile tissue. The Auckland-researchers found that women were more than four times more likely to get pregnant if their partners were taking oral antioxidants. A larger penis boosts a man’s self-confidence as compared to men with a smaller penis. Natural penis enlargement supplements seem to be the most effective male enhancement solution available today. A few others have even confirmed that they experienced better erection quality and a boost in sexual libido.
The sad fact is though, once you look a little deeper behind the sales pitches, they rarely back up their claims with any type of solid supporting evidence.
Men who simply lose the motivation to keep up penile exercises for example, often find the use of a stretching device to be a far easier experience. For most of them, the erection is produced by lymph fluid, but the ostrich has long been believed to have blood erections just like humans.
Professor Tim Birkhead, an ornithological reproduction expert of the University of Sheffield, explained that according to Dr. If the results of the latest study on the impact of testosterone on older men are to be believed, the higher testosterone levels among older men help in retaining their muscle mass and body strength. Although hormone replacement therapy is not a foolproof treatment option, yet the latest studies have brought in a ray of hope for older men suffering from stability issues and limb weakness. Several ED drugs that may be successful in most cases fail when the problem is due to clogged arteries leading up to the penis.
Within a period of three months into the study, the company stated that the results they were getting were quite positive.
Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Eli Lily’s Cialis to treat enlarged prostate, a condition medically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).
However, you must talk to a doctor right away if the symptoms worsen or if you experience other problems such as blurred vision, loss of hearing, erection that lasts longer than 4 hours, rash or chest pain.
So, inform your doctor about any other medications you might be taking, or if you have a history of heart disease and stroke. Kramer’s study, conducted at the University of Maryland Hospital, is the first to consider what the men were doing physically at the time of the injury. Kramer, of the sixteen patients whose cases were reviewed, only three were engaging in normal marital sex when the accident occurred. Still, by being cautious when having sex in bizarre ways and places, men can experience the joy and fulfillment of sex while reducing the chance of breaking their valuable.
Their testosterone levels were measured using saliva samples both at the beginning and the end of the study period, in both the morning and in the evening.
Mice are known to have finger ratios similar to humans, which is why they were chosen for this study. The mice that were exposed to large quantities of female hormones, on the other hand, developed proportionally small fourth digits. Another study from 2010 indicated that primate species in which the males generally have smaller index to ring finger ratios are less likely to be monogamous. They were also 46% more likely to have heart disease, 35% more likely to have a stroke, and 19% more likely to die overall.
He adds that erectile dysfunction may become apparent three to five years before heart problems.
This is crucial as nerve damage, caused for example by diabetes or stroke, often plays a huge part in erectile dysfunction. There is also no way around it; the Viberect looks distinctly medical, more like something found in a hospital than in a private bedroom. Here are great natural ways to increase your penis size in a completely safe and natural way. The exercises expand and stretch the penile tissues to increase in size and hence increase penis size. Patricia Brennan of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, no research had been performed to suggest otherwise. Until now, Cialis (generic: tadalafil) has been used to manage impotence or erectile dysfunction in men. He focused on 16 cases of broken penis seen by doctors during a six-year period at that hospital and looked carefully at the circumstances of each incident. And, because of the potentially-embarrassing nature of such an incident, he speculated that penile injuries are being under-reported and may be more common than the numbers suggest. Fathers of newborns experienced a median testosterone drop of 50%, which endured until the child was a toddler. The larger the difference in length between ring finger and index finger, the larger the penis when extended. Among humans, like mice, women generally have index and ring fingers of similar length, with the index finger more likely to be longer. These increased risks remained after the researchers adjusted the figures for other risk factors, such as age, weight, cholesterol, smoking, diabetes and blood pressure. What makes Viberect more effective than vacuum pumps and manual stimulation, and what negates the use of a cheaper vibrator, however, is the intensity of the vibrations and the dual stimulators. The team of researchers was working under the assumption that the extended anesthetized penis is equivalent in size to the erect penis. Try to avoid alcohol and grapefruit juice while taking Cialis as it may lead to potentially dangerous side effects.

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