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This procedure involves using an ultrasound probe, inserted via the back passage, to scan the prostate. The reason this approach is adopted is because you have already undergone a number of biopsies previously (via the rectum) which have not identified the cause of your elevated PSA. If you are taking Warfarin, you must inform the clinic staff at your pre-assessment visit so that you are advised when to stop your Warfarin prior to the procedure. After checking for alllergies, you will normally be given an intravenous injection of antibiotic at the time of your anaesthetic.
After the general or spinal anaesthetic has been given, a catheter will be placed in the water pipe (urethra). In order to take samples (biopsies) of the prostate, a special grid is used so that all areas of the prostate can be covered.

The catheter will be removed the day after surgery unless you have a fever or a lot of blood in the urine. Following this type of biopsy, blood in the urine is common for 2-3 days, with the occasional blood clot, but this should clear quickly if you increase your fluid intake.
When you leave hospital, you will be given a A“draftA” discharge summary of your admission. If you experience a fever, shivering or develop symptoms of cystitis (frequency and burning on passing urine), you should contact your GP. If you develop a fever outside surgery opening hours, you must telephone the emergency number at your GP surgery so that a doctor can assess your condition. You will receive an appointment for discussion of the biopsy results at the time of your examination.

It will be at approximately 14 days before the pathology results on the tissue removed are available. There is no specific research in this area at the moment but all operative procedures performed in the department are subject to rigorous audit at a monthly Audit & Clinical Governance meeting.

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