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Description Estetica Thailandia offers free medical concierge service EXCLUSIVELY FOR TRANSGENDERS wanting gender change surgery. A needle aspirate cytology (sticking a needle into the area and pulling back on the plunger to encourage a few microscopic samples of the lump to come out and then vigorously pressing the plunger, thus pfoofing the sample onto a glass microscope slide) revealed only greasy fat cells under the magnification of the microscope. There’s a thin layer of muscle under the skin in most animals called the panniculus muscle.

Some fatty lumps grow underneath the thin panniculus muscle, instead of just under the skin and over the muscle. The aspirate before surgery helps your veterinarian tell you how many pre-operative tests your pet may need, called cancer staging. Surprisingly, the surface of an encapsulated lipoma, like Abigail’s, feels crinkly and dry to the touch, not greasy like you might imagine.

We are a liaison between patient and surgeon to facilitate the sex change trip prior to patient’s arrival until patient’s departure.

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