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Foods to improve sex drive in males

As a crucial part of the male reproductive system, prostate health is the key to having a proper sexual function. High in vitamin C and antioxidants, berries prevent damage to the body from free radicals that otherwise attack healthy cells and raise the risk of cancer. Pomegranate is one such natural foods for prostate health that comprises compounds that inhibit the formation of carcinogens.
Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, contain sulfur-rich compounds, which are potent anti-cancer agents. Besides helping lower cholesterol and improving memory, green tea can help protect against prostate cancer. Soy products contain isoflavones that can lower the amount of male hormone dihydrotestosterone that stimulates the growth and development of prostate tissue.
Among natural foods for prostate health, watermelon is rich in lycopene that gives it color.
According to the study finding, infertile men are at a greater risk of all types of cancer, especially testis cancer and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. A number of causes can contribute to a low sperm count and infertility in men, including environmental, medical, and lifestyle causes.  Earlier, a study conducted by Stanford University School of Medicine researchers and published in the June 20, 2013 issue of Fertility and Sterility, men with no or low sperm face a greater risk of developing cancer compared to others with a healthy sperm count. Infections: Sexually transmitted diseases or prostatitis can affect sperm production and quality. Varicocele: Sometimes varicose veins that drain the testicle can become enlarged or swollen, which can affect sperm count. Ejaculation issues: A previous surgery of the prostate or bladder or a health condition like diabetes can cause the semen to run into the bladder during climax instead of being ejected from the penis.
Most previous studies find a connection between testicular cancer and infertility, this study finds a correlation between all types of cancer and male infertility. Obstructive azzospermia is primarily caused by a blockage that prevents flow and ejaculation of healthy sperm in the testes. In non-obstructive azoospermia, testes produce little or no sperm at all. The study highlights that infertile men without any sperm or ineffective sperm were highly at a risk of developing malignancies, such as melanoma, central nervous system, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and stomach cancer.
Undescended testes: Testicles are developed in the abdominal cavity during fetal life and are then descended to the inguinal region during final weeks of pregnancy. Testicular torsion: Testicular torsion refers to twisting or tangling of spermatic cord and it is a medical emergency that warrants immediate repair to minimize the risk of permanent damage.
Varicocele: Defect or dysfunction of venous valves can lead to varicocele (a painless swelling of scrotum due to enlargement of pampiniform venous plexus). Testicular cancer: About 1-2% men develop malignancy of testicles which is best managed by surgical intervention. Traumatic injuries: Trauma or assault in the inguinal region (such as gunshot injury, road traffic accidents, athletic injuries or occupational accidents) can also aggravate the risk of testicular damage that may require surgery for optimal management.
The key goal of these traditional surgeries is to remove the diseased element and restore normal functions of the tissue.
The nature and severity of complications depends largely on the indications of surgery, experience of surgeon and nature of procedure employed. Testicular surgery is a major procedure that is performed ideally under general anesthesia. Erectile dysfunction: It has been observed that a large number of men who opt for testicular surgery develops some degree of transient or permanent erectile dysfunction.
Infertility: Damage to ducts that transfer sperms due to direct or indirect injury can also lead to infertility. Depending upon the nature of surgery performed, indications of procedure and other related factors, outcome may vary.
Generally ice-packs, pain medications and rest helps in alleviating the post-surgical swelling and pain within a few hours.
It is recommended to use scrotal support for at least a few weeks after the surgery to hasten the pace of recovery.
Limit strenuous physical activity or vigorous exercises after the procedure, until the recovery process is complete.
If procedure involves removal of testicles, options for hormonal replacement (or testosterone) should be discussed.
Normal sperm count and healthy eggs can play a vital role in achieving early conception with unprotected intercourse. It is imperative to mention that healthy production of sperms and sperm count is very important especially if you and your partner are planning to have a baby.

Garlic is an amazing herb that is known to boost the production of sperms; you can have it added in your routine meals as long as its strong smell doesn’t make you and your partner dissuade from making a baby. It contains important chemicals which are required for the adequate production of sperms including selenium (that is required for the maintenance of normal sperm motility) as well as allicin (a mild acid that is required for the protection of sperms from any damage). According to latest medical research, some traditional herbs and elements can help improve your mood while also revitalizing the sperm count (2).
For best results, 2 to 6 gm of ginseng root every day can be consumed to boost the production of sperm and sperm count. Walnuts contain rich amount of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that are known to improve the supply of blood to the sexual organs.
Walnuts and other omega-3 sources also delivers energy to the brain (or nervous tissue) and helps in blood cholesterol regulation within the body. Walnuts are great in taste and flavor quality and can be used as a pre-intercourse snack to improve the energy levels in your body. One of the key factors that are known to negatively affect the sperm production and viability is; high concentration of free radicals. Dark chocolate also contains amino acid that plays a vital role in doubling the production of sperm and in increasing its volume and sperm count. Research and clinical studies suggests that increasing the intake of zinc-rich foods like oysters or crabs can significantly improve the sperm count by revitalizing the genital tissues. If your child was born with undescended testicles and they haven’t dropped by the time he is 3-6 months, you should talk with your pediatrician to discuss treatment options as soon as possible. The goal of surgery is to bring undescended testicles into the correct place in the scrotum. Orchiopexy: If the testicle is low in the belly or in the groin, the testicle can be moved with orchiopexy surgery.
FS Orchiopexy: If the testicle is high in the belly, “Fowler-Stephens” (or FS) orchopexy is performed.
Laparoscopic surgery: During laparoscopic surgery, a laparascope – a thin tube with a tiny camera – is used.
Side effects of surgery are rare, but include bleeding, infection, injury to blood vessels or organs, and risks associated with general anesthesia.
Some children have a retractile testicle, meaning he was born with both testicles descended but one or both move back and forth between the scrotum and groin. If your child’s testicle is close to the scrotum, your doctor may recommend hormonal treatment. The prostate continues to grow with age, and there is a risk of the gland becoming enlarged.
Research reveals that men whose diet focuses on cruciferous vegetables are at a 40% reduced risk of prostate cancer. Fatty Fish and trout and herring contain fatty acids that lower the risk of prostate cancer, inhibiting tumor growth.
Studies show that men who drink green tea regularly have lower risk of tissue inflammation associated with cancer. The foods that raise the risk of prostate cancer include processed meat, dairy products, and alcohol. However, a new study published in the Journal of Urology links cancer and infertility, claiming that infertile men are at an increased risk for cancer.
These may include chemotherapy, testosterone replacement therapy, antifungal medications, and ulcer drugs. It is the second most frequently reported malignancy in young males (between 20 -35 years).
Besides damage to vital nerve or blood vessel, other causes of ED include psychological anxiety and poor body image. It is very important to keep up with the post-procedure follow-ups with your healthcare professional.
Are you aware that one of every 25 males experience the grave issue of low sperm count which can be idiopathic (cause unknown) or associated with a multitude of several medical or metabolic issues?
Additionally, regular use of garlic also helps in the rejuvenation and revitalization of sexual organs (1). Ginseng is among the most successful and popular aphrodisiacs that helps in strengthening the genital muscles while also boosting the secretion of primary male hormones like testosterone. Needless to say that these active metabolites also plays a vital role in promoting the sperm motility and its viability.

The recommended dose vary, but generally up to 8 walnuts each day are sufficient to improve brain and sperm health (3). Dark chocolate is richly supplied with quality antioxidants that are known to fight against hazardous free radicals. Additionally, it has also been observed that sea-foods primarily oysters are also helpful in boosting your sex drives and overall functioning of the reproductive system (5). Usually surgery is recommended and surgery should be performed before the child turns one year old. This is because the blood vessels attached to the testicle are not long enough to reach into the scrotum. An incision is made in the belly and the larascope allows the surgeon to see inside the belly to locate the testicle without having to make multiple incisions. Testicles can also travel back up into the groin or belly after surgery, in which case another surgery may be needed.
Spinach, citrus fruits, mangoes, spinach, broccoli, and cantaloupe are other sources of vitamin C.
Green tea comprises polyphenols modify inflammation in the prostate gland and  protect against cell damage.
A study conducted by the National Cancer Institute reveals that 19 research studies show a positive connection between dairy products and prostate cancer. It means that the factors that affect the quality and quantity of sperms in your body can also raise your risk for tumor and cancer.
The study recommends young men with azoospermia to have regular checkups to look for signs and symptoms of tumor or cancer and pay attention to their health while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If testicles fails to reach scrotum by 6th month of post-natal life, surgical intervention becomes necessary by the age of 1-2 years to minimize the risk of malignancy. If surgery is performed for indications like malignancy or tumor, the risk of complications increases significantly. Additionally, research and clinical studies also suggest that other factors like lifestyle choices (such as exposure to stress, certain occupational activities) or depression, obesity and poor nutrition can also lead to low sperm count.
Based on the reviews and recommendations of nutritionists and renowned healthcare professionals, following foods can help boost the production of sperms and aid in enhancing the fertility and sperm count. Ginseng has been known to improve the blood flow across the genital region which directly improves the sexual performance (2). Additionally, dark chocolate also promotes heart health and thus directly promotes sexual stamina and vigor (4).
Data also suggests that high serum levels of zinc directly promotes the synthesis of male reproductive hormones like testosterone. If the testicle is unable to be located, a surgeon will do laparoscopic or open surgery to locate the testicle and then move it to the scrotum.
The hormone is a human chorionic gonadotropin that is given as a shot 2-4 times a week for 4 weeks.
Speak to your doctor to learn more about alternative procedures and assisted reproductive techniques before undergoing the procedure. Some clinical trials have also shown that it can also be used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.
The high amount of antioxidants in dark chocolate are as effective as antioxidants present in blue berries, cranberries, acai berries, and pomegranate. Comparison of the protective effects of garlic (Allium sativum L) extract, vitamin E and N acetyl cystein on testis structure and sperm quality in rats treated with lead acetate. Side effects include headache, irritability, restlessness, swelling, breast, penis, or hair growth, aggressive behavior, and erections.
Walnuts improve semen quality in men consuming a Western-style diet: randomized control dietary intervention trial. Patients with testicular cancer undergoing CT surveillance demonstrate a pitfall of radiation-induced cancer risk estimates: the timing paradox.

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