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For men, there’s nothing more humiliating than having a penis that is considered too small.
The Fabled Male Preoccupation: He Can’t Enjoy Sex Because He’s Too Worried about His Undersized Penis He wants a larger penis for nobody but himself. Biggy Size That, Please: A Husband-to-Be Needs a Larger Penis for More Fulfilling Sex All his life, he’s had low testosterone and, as a result, a smaller penis.

They got along well; she didn’t nag him about their sexual relationship being anything other than what it was, and he would give her screaming orgasms frequently. There are all kinds of information trying to tell you differently, but at the end of the day, yes, there is a minimum. I’m not going to say my minimum is the same as another girl’s, but we do have them, and it’s probably more than four or five inches.

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