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We found an existing account using your email address, please enter the password to verify ownership. If you don't believe that then read this article Date: 12 8th, 2007 Thai Surgeons Experts in Penis Repair Because of Thai GirlsThai Surgeons and Doctor Treat Many Cases of Thai Girl Cutting off Penis of Unfaithful PartnersThai surgeons are world renowned for sexual re-assignment surgery (SRS), penis enlargement, and now penis re-attachment.
The men are now fearful of a rash of Thailanda€™s most notorious crime of passion, according to the surgeon who has stitched back many a male member for grateful patients.Penis slashing is not unique to the Kingdom of Thailand.

The United States has had 4 cases (including the famous John Wayne Bobbitt), Sweden has had three cases, and the UK and Australia have also had one case each.

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