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Be the first one on the road sportin' these Password:JDM exclusive EM 2004-2005 Civic sedan taillights! After looking at all the engine bays with motor swaps, we deceided to put together the Ultimate Engine Bay Dress up Kit.
This kit will cover it all, you just need to select your Car Model from the Drop Down Menu and what Engine you have fitted, Please also state which Color you would like!

Add that last finishing touch to your engine bay with these all new Password:JDM Valve Cover Washers!
The Password:JDM Valve Cover Washer Kits include four Valve Cover Washers, and four stainless steel bolts.
Offered in anodized black, blue, gold, purple, red, gunmetal, silver, and the all new green these valve cover washers feature the Password:JDM Kenji logo.

All Password:JDM fender washers are constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and are matched up with long lasting stainless steel bolts.

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