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We must know that the fertilization occurs about two weeks after the first day of the last menstrual period , when the sperm penetrates the egg , and within 24 hours after the fertilization , the egg begins dividing rapidly into many cells  . You should know that the fertilized egg remains in the fallopian tube for about three days ,  the fertilized egg (called a blastocyte) continues to divide , and it passes through the fallopian tube to the uterus to be implanted in its lining ( a process called the implantation ) . It is very important to know that the developing baby is called an embryo from the moment of conception to the eighth week of pregnancy , and after the eighth week and until the moment of birth , the  developing baby is called a fetus .
It is very important to know that the first stage starts from the moment of zygote formation till the end of the sixth week . You should know that in this stage the head starts to differentiate ( it is similar to the reptiles head )  , The eyes appear distinctly , In the sixth week , the heart can be seen and heard pulsating using the sonar .
It is very important to know that the second stage starts from the beginning of the seventh week till the end of the twelfth week .
You should know that in this stage , the facial features can be distinguished , the genital organs start to develop , and the appearance of the digits in the limbs . It is very important to know that the third stage starts from the beginning of the 13th week till the end of the 22th week .
You should know that in this stage , the bones start to develop , as well as the circulatory system , the sex of the embryo can be distinguished , and the mother can feel the movement of her fetus due to the strength of the embryo muscles which help in the movement .
It is very important to know that the fourth stage starts from the beginning of the 23th week till the delivery ( the birth ) . You should know that in this stage , the development of all body systems is completed , the embryo can move his hands and feet .

It is very important to know that before the delivery , the embryo position changes gradually to be inverted , where the head is directed towards the cervix .
You should know that the baby can be born in the 28th week , where his two lungs are able to respire and all systems are completely developed . The correct plane for the measurement of the head circumference (HC) and bi-parietal diameter (BPD)must include the cavum septum pellucidum, thallamus and choroid plexus in the atrium of the lateral ventricles. The abdominal circumference is taken with a transverse image to include the stomach, portal vein and the spine in a true tranverse plane. The Femur length should only be measured when the femur is horizontal (beam is perpendicular) and shadows evenly- at least from both ends. The echogenic mucous plug is readily visible in the cervix.Measure the length of the cervix. Amniotic Fluid index (AFI)Measure the deepest vertical pocket (with no foetal content) in each quadrant and add them together. Click on the image to enlarge for printable quality.Measure the Systolic-Diastolic (SD) ratio or the resistive index of the umbilical artery. Ductus venosus doppler:Oxygen rich blood from the maternal circulation enters to the foetus via the Umbilical vein.
Is recognisable as a small high velocity structure laying superiorly in the liver, adjacent to the IVC.
Foetal lie: ( eg cephalic, spine to maternal left) If breech, describe the 'type' of breech.

Biophysical Score is a combination of the following assessments giving them a mark out of 8 in total. Associated with diabetic mothers, maternal obesity, diabetes, history of previous LGA baby, maternal weight gain, pregnancy >40 weeks, advanced maternal age and multiparity. The umbilical vein ascends the foetal abdomen and drains into the left portal vein and the IVC via Ductus venosus.DV is being flagged as a potentially earlier predictor of adverse pregnancy outcome than Umbilical artery dopplers. The assessment must span a minimum of a 30minute period before a negative report is suggested. As evidence of normal growth we look for a healthy, term infant’s weight, length, and head circumference to all be in approximately the same percentiles. This page includes the following topics and synonyms: Head Circumference, Microcephaly, Microcephalic Infant, Macrocephaly, Macrocephalic Infant.
Boys Head Circumference Charts In babies, head circumference (the distance around the largest part of the head) can provide clues about brain development. Calculator and chart to determine head circumference percentile of your infant or baby given age or birth date Although head size often follows body growth, small infants may have large heads and vice versa. Whenever an infant up to two years is admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), their head circumference must be measured.

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