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Using a damp sponge like the beautyblender, gently press and blend the concealer into your skin.
A much more simple solution would be to play up your eyes and leave the lips free of colors and textures as they will only enhance and bring attention to them. Summer has gone and now comes the winter so its a must to take care of your lips and prevent them from getting dehydrated. Use more product on the outer corners of the top and bottom lips rather then on the center because that will typically give the lips a lift.
If there’s a man in your life, I can guarantee that he will appreciate the more simple solution. The cat eye look is quite a rage these days.No room For ErrorThe eyeliner is the important area to be focused upon.
You can make your own chocolate lip scrub at home and use it before this olive oil lip massage. I don’t like its smell ?? However, if you like coconut oil, apply it over your lips whenever they feel dry. Take two from that ?? Grind the almonds to paste and add two drops of jojoba oil to the almond paste.

Erasing the outer corners of the lips or shortening them can also be a more flattering, happy shape. If you’re brave, try lining the lip below your natural lip line to create a new, smaller shape. This scrub come moisturizer not only nourishes dry lips, but also helps removing dead cells and impurities from your lips.
This overnight Vitamin E lip treatment removes tan and make your lips visibly pink in weeks.
My interests are blogging, cooking and I love taking care of my skin and my classic length hair! This technique isn’t for everyone and most likely will take quite a bit of practice to perfect.
The way you apply your eye-liner can make or break the look.How to get itStart your make-up with an eye primer. You can add two drops of fresh coriander juice to this lemon honey lip pack for extra benefits.
Continue reading!The best thing in creating cat eye is to follow the natural curve of your eyes and to determine the right cat eye shape you can start drawing. Instead of following the curve of the top lid, imagine how the bottom lid would extend upwards and draw accordingly.Add some shadeYou can always experiment with this style, provided you know to play safe.

You can go for a white eye shadow with thicker black liner and darker mascara to give a dramatic look.
With a blue liner, give pretty bold strokes on each eyelid and then go for dark blue eye shadow to enhance the look.When In Doubt Wear RedSo, does this apply for eyes? May be…Try replacing your mundane traditional eye liner with a red colored piece as if you are the one for boldness.
Work with a thicker pencil stroke and focus on the edges of the eyes locking it with angular strokes at the corners.For your convenience, we have added a tutorial video on how to get cat eye make-up. While she is not working, she loves to read books, play sports, dance, watch movies or simply travel. Subscribe Now Subscribers2,50,000G+ Views4,167,817Facebook546,080 Subscribe with us to be Updated on the Latest Fashion Trends, Beauty and Health Tips! Fashionlady.in More Posts 10 Latest Makeup Products For This August That Will Floor Your Mind And Senses Getting Into The Details Of The Flower Jelly Lipstick – All The Scoop You Need What Is Lip Art?

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