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A French study has proved something that we all men knew - we love to stare at women's breasts. The study was conducted by French company Miratech and used its eye tracking technology to track the eye movements of men and women when presented with the image.
Men look at the woman's chest for 37 percent longer than women, with French men spending longest observing this region.
Of the women, it was French and Danish women who spent the longest observing the woman's breasts; more than twice as long as their British and Spanish counterparts. Women look at the ring on the woman's finger for 27 percent longer than the men, although French women had the shortest attention span for this.
Both men and women spent the longest period of time looking at the woman's face, although men tended to linger on the lips while women focused on the eyes. Follow Us If you want to be kept up to date about what’s going on, minute by minute, then search for Grant and give us a follow!

Mizozo is a user generated content site which is in the process of a major shift in business. British women were the most attentive, spending 149 percent longer looking at this than British men. Originally a news site, Mizozo is now becoming the first truly transparent corporate entity. Not only will everything be laid out, but everyone will have a say in how things are run and get a cut of the revenue.

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